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Stan Wise
Farm Forum Editor
Phone: 605-622-2304
Email: [email protected]

Stan is the Farm Forum Editor. He was raised on a farm in northeastern Mississippi. After working as a production manager for a publishing company in Anchorage, Alaska, he joined the Farm Forum team in 2012. He has been the Farm Forum editor since 2013.

Christy Orwig
Advertising Director
Phone: 605-622-2250
Email: [email protected]

Christy has been the Advertising Director of the Aberdeen News, Farm Forum, and Outdoor Forum for the past 16 years. Christy grew up on a farm in Northeast Nebraska. She attended Wayne State College in Wayne, NE and Northeast Technical College in Norfolk, NE. She carries with her 35 years of advertising experience. Before her time in Aberdeen, SD she started in the Sales Department and moved up to become the Advertising Manager at the Yankton Press and Dakotan in Yankton, SD as well as working at WNAX Radio in Yankton. Christy mentions, “While trying to figure out what I wanted to do for the next 40 years, one extremely interesting and fun advertising class started my career. It drove my passion for advertising in retail, radio, and newspapers.”
Lynde Ross
Farm Forum Sales Manager
Phone: 605-622-2257
Email: [email protected]

Lynde joined the Farm Forum sales team in December of 1998, where she started working as an Inside Sales Rep. Over the years- she worked with several auctioneers, livestock producers, and many other Farm Forum advertisers. In 2000, Lynde transferred over to an Outside Sales Rep for the American News and Farm Forum. In this new role she helped several businesses in and around Aberdeen, SD with their advertising needs, not mention she began to grow some close friendships with her clients. In October, Lynde acquired another step and took on the role of the Farm Forum Sales Manager. This new position allows her to work closely with the Farm Forum Sales staff to help farmers, ranchers, and business owners to grow their business with the powerful "Green Sheets". Coming from a farm background and growing up north of Groton, SD- Lynde understands the value of a “Family Farm”. Lynde lives in Aberdeen and is married to her husband Darin, together they have 3 daughters - Chandler, Kennedy and McKenna.
Kali Holt
Livestock / Advertising Specialist
Phone: 605-730-1870
Email: [email protected]

Kali is the Account Specialist here at the Farm Farm where she works diligently with Advertisers and Sales Reps to find the perfect fit for each advertiser both in print and digitally. Kali’s agriculture and livestock background started at a young age as she grew up near Wessington Springs, SD. Her family raised commercial lambs as well as club lambs, farmed a variety of crops, and owned a hunting lodge. Through 4-H and FFA Kali began showing livestock, which steered here to attended South Dakota State University, majoring in Animal Science and Ag Business. Kali and her husband Justin live west of Aberdeen, SD on Justin’s family farm where they operate Justin Holt Cattle, raising primarily Chiangus Breeding Stock, Show Cattle, and Club Calves. Her families operation exhibits cattle across the nation as well as hosting a yearly bull sale in April and a club calf sale every September. The couple have one daughter, Charlee, and two sons, Cooper and Jayden.
Steph Binger
Serving Central & Eastern ND & Western & Central MN
Phone: 605-622-2268
Email: [email protected]

Steph is no stranger to the farm and ranch life, as she grew up on a ranch west of Tulare, SD. Growing up with three sisters and no brothers, you guessed it- all four sisters were outside learning the farm hand way. Like most farm kids, she enjoys the outdoors, spending time at the lake, and small carpentry work. Steph is a South Dakota State University graduate, and the newest Sales Rep as she approaches nearly a year of work here at the Farm Forum. Steph notes that what she enjoys most about working at the Farm Forum is, “The opportunity to work with those involved in the farm and livestock industries, bringing a creative touch to each individual advertising plan, and the ability to try something different every day.”
Jennifer Cornelius
Inside Sales, Auctions, Livestock, Retail
Phone: 605-622-2223
Email: [email protected]

Jennifer grew up in Clark/Aberdeen, South Dakota area and graduated from Southeast Tech. in Sioux Falls with a Marketing degree. She moved to Aberdeen after graduation. Jenn had an incredibly close relationship with her grandparents and knows because of them and the many great things they taught her throughout their lives, she is the enthusiastic, strong willed, whole hearted, outgoing and fun loving person she is today. Jennifer has a big love for hunting and fishing especially if it means getting more family time in with her dad, and when they are home from Wisconsin, her sister and brother-in-law. Life can get very busy and Jenn enjoys when she gets the chance for a nice quiet weekend with her sister and mom. Jennifer has been with the Farm Forum for over three and half years. During her time she spent the majority of her time working very closely with Peggy Scott. Peggy retired in April 2016, and Jennifer has since shifted account roles and taken a number of Peggy’s accounts. Jennifer thoroughly enjoys everything The Green Sheet has to offer and during her time in this new account role has grown very fond of everything pertaining to the cattle industry. She is eager to continue learning every step of the way along with helping current/new advertisers reach their fullest potential with The Green Sheet. Jenn knows the process of improving your business is never really finished and she will be there to help. As you grow, Jenn wants to continue to support you through the many options the Farm Forum has to offer such as; print, digital, media & etc...

Lynnette Crouch
Serving Northern ND, MT & Canada
Phone: 701-838-7076
Email: [email protected]

Lynnette lives in Burlington, ND just outside of Minot, ND where she has spent the past 25 years in print & direct sales for newspapers. She enjoys getting to work with all her livestock and agricultural accounts as well as having the freedom to work from home. Lynnette and her husband Alvin have two grown daughters.

Alvin Crouch
Serving Northern ND, MT & Canada
Phone: 701-240-1326
Email: [email protected]

Alvin is an Arkansas Native and a retired Navy vet. He joined his wife Lynnette at the Farm Forum three years ago where they work out of their home in Burlington, ND.
Sheri Gross
Inside Sales, Auctions, Livestock, Retail
Phone: 605-622-2274
Email: [email protected]

Sheri has worked with the American News and Farm Forum for over 13 years. She grew up on a farm near Bowdle, SD. Sheri holds a BS Degree in Management/Marketing with a Criminal Justine minor. Living in a variety of places and working in a variety of different job settings, she found her calling with the Farm Farm. Sheri says, “It is extremely rewarding to hear a customer says because of the Farm Forum they made a sale! Knowing I helped in the success of their business is something I cherish. Oh, and don’t forget consistent advertising is the key.”
Cheryl Paul
Serving South Central SD
Phone: 605-853-3348
Email: [email protected]

Cheryl Paul has been in advertising for 32 years, 29 of which have been with the Farm Forum. She and her husband both grew up on farms in South Dakota and have spent most of our adult lives in the ad industry. Cheryl grew up out west on a ranch that also grew wheat. After high school she took a chance and went east for her education where she graduated from SDSU with a degree in education. Cheryl met her husband at SDSU and eventually settled in Miller, SD where they have lived for 32 years. She joined the Farm Forum at about I found myself venturing into a new opportunity in advertising sales. This choice has been very good for her both professionally and for raising her family. The organization has always been a good fit for me and a good company to work for. Cheryl and her husband have been married for 42 years and have three grown children and seven grandchildren. They spend a lot of time on the road both with work and traveling to see their grandchildren. She also enjoys spending her free time honing in on her photography skills and golfing and going to the movies with her husband.
Donna Schneider
Serving Eastern SD
Phone: 605-882-3702
Email: [email protected]

Donna has worked with the Farm Forum the past 15 years. Her career began with the Farmer Rancher Exchange. She started out as an Inserter and a year later moved up to Circulation Manager, eventually she ended up in the Sales Department. After time, Roger and Helen Merriman sold the Farmer & Rancher Exchange. In that case, Donna interviewed with the Farm Forum and credits her success to Christy Orwig and Steve Karrigan who truly poured their heart and soul in to the Farm Forum. Donna comments, “They helped get me to where I stand today!”.
Mardell Weisenburger
Serving Aberdeen Area & Northeastern SD
Phone: 605-622-2226
Email: [email protected]

Mardell has been with the American News for 7 years, starting out in Customer Service and now a Sales Rep for the past 3 years. Mardell is passionate about meeting people and loves her job! She grew up on a farm near Leola, SD. She is married with 4 adult and 9 grandchildren. What you may not know about her, is that she is a retired Montessori Directress and owned a 3-6 year private school for 12 years. Also, Mardell and her husband home-schooled her four children. Her family’s hobby is to re-enact the 18th century and the Civil War time periods. Mardell has a small side business nicknamed "The Grandma Room - Sewing 18th Century Clothing". "Call me sometime - not only will I create an ad and give you a great deal, but we'll chat about life and families and such. The best part of my job!"
Tim Zeeb
Serving Southeast SD, Northwest IA & Northeast NE
Phone: 605-261-5909
Email: [email protected]

Tim, a Menno, SD native, has worked with the Farm Forum for just over 7 years. Tim grew up on his family farm just south of Menno. After attending University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD earning a degree in Mass Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising, he accepted a position as a Sales Rep with the Farm Forum. Tim's creative spirit, professional touch, and helpful hand brings great strength to the Farm Forum. When Tim isn't out selling The Green Sheet, you can find him doing a little farming where he grows corn and soybeans as well as raises livestock.

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