Letter: Unify ag co-ops to keep them strong

Chris Pearson

As CEO of Wheat Growers, I have obligations to many different groups: members, employees and their families, citizens in communities we serve, our business partners and my own family (just to name a few). It is my job every day to work with our board and management team to manage and build a company that can serve the needs of each of these groups in the present, but to also be ready for the future. This is a responsibility that I take very seriously!

I have a quote that hangs on the wall in my office. It says, “The pace of change will never be as slow as it is right now.” How true this is in every aspect of our lives. The potential unification of North Central Farmers Elevator and Wheat Growers is change. It is change that is not about how we serve our members next season, but it is about how we make sure we can do that for generations to come.

I am a farm kid. I am a local co-op employee. I believe in the value of farms, farm families and farm communities. I am a staunch advocate for the local cooperative’s role in helping those farm families succeed. I grew up in a farm family that looks much like the ones I now work for at Wheat Growers. We were members of our local cooperative. That cooperative declared bankruptcy in 2002. It is true that you don’t know what you have until it is gone.

Please help us keep a strong local cooperative in our communities. Please vote “yes” to unify North Central Farmers Elevator and Wheat Growers. Thanks for your consideration.

Chris Pearson

Wheat Growers CEO