Dairyland Seed announces Yieldmaster Contest winners

Dairyland Seed presented the Yieldmaster award to Eric and Melissa Mueller at the annual GENI meeting in Milwaukee, Wis. From left, Gary Leeper, general manager; Eric and Melissa Mueller; T.J. Strachota, marketing leader. Courtesy photo

WEST BEND, Wis. – Dairyland Seed recently announced the National and State winners for its annual Corn and Soybean Yieldmaster Contests.

The title of National Corn Yieldmaster was awarded to Dan and Doug Bush of Fulton, Ill. with a yield of 363.16 bushels per acre with DS-9508RA. The title of National Soybean Yieldmaster was awarded to Ron and Jason Pickhinke of Sac City, Iowa, with a yield of 97.0 bushels per acre with DSR-2330/R2Y.

The Early Zone Soybean Yieldmaster was awarded to Hildebrandt Family Farms of Hustisford, Wis., with a yield of 80.4 bushels per acre with DSR-1721/R2Y. The Early Zone Corn Yieldmaster was awarded to Ken and Thomas Stemper of Plymouth, Wis., who entered HiDF-3099-6 with a yield of 270.24 bushels. Individual state winners were also awarded.

South Dakota Corn Yieldmasters

• First Place: Eric Mueller of Big Stone City – 219.60 bu/acre with DS-9701RA.

• Second Place: Loren Cutler, Veblen – 209.40 bu/acre with DS-1796.

• Third Place: Wayne Johnson, Webster – 209.10 bu/acre with DS-7294.

South Dakota Soybean Yieldmasters:

• First Place: Eric Mueller, Big Stone City – 80.10 bu/acre with DSR-1526R2Y.

• Second Place: Doug Eidahl, Mitchell – 64.92 bu/acre with DSR-0988R2Y.

• Third Place: Todd Whempner, Wilmot – 57.60 bu/acre with DSR-1313R2Y.

“We are very proud to be a part of helping our Yieldmasters achieve these outstanding yields,” stated Gary Leeper, general manager of Dairyland Seed. “It is because of growers like these that the future for agriculture is bright as is our ability to continue feeding the growing world population.”

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