Women in Ag Mentoring and Empowerment honor Marlene Miyasaki

Marlene Miyasakiat, California State University, Fresno’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (JCAST). Courtesy photo

Tulare, Calif. — Women in Ag for Mentoring and Empowerment (WAME) honored California Women for Agriculture (CWA) member Marlene Miyasakiat the Fertile Ground Award Luncheon for her dedication to the students at California State University, Fresno’s Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (JCAST) at the World Ag Expo on February 14, 2017.

“WAME’s Fertile Ground Award is given to outstanding women in agriculture who work diligently to help advocate on behalf of the ag industry,” said WAME Executive Board Member Pamela Sweeten. “When we were thinking of who to give this award to, Marlene was the first person to come to mind.”

WAME’s board of directors chose to recognize Miyasaki for her selfless attitude of service towards young students and her desire to see them succeed. Her outstanding service and leadership on Fresno State’s campus has shown through in the success of its agriculture students, and their continued support of the industry as alumni.

“Marlene is the sole reason why I’m involved in the CWA today,” said CWA Central Valley Chapter President Monique Bienvenue. “She helped guide me all throughout college, and continues to encourage me to stay as active as possible in our industry today.”

Miyasaki is an active member of the CWA, 4-H, Alpha Zeta and acts as a mentor and advisor to numerous clubs and organizations affiliated with JCAST. Her role as the Fresno State Plant Science Department Secretary has helped to enhance JCAST’s overall reputation, and her passion for agriculture seeps through to the students with whom she interacts with on a daily basis.

“I can’t imagine not working with students,” said Miyasaki. “Being able to have an impact on tomorrow’s ag leaders is why I do what I do.”

Background information on Women in Agriculture for Mentoring & Empowerment (WAME)

Women in Agriculture for Mentoring and Empowerment (WAME) strives to bridge the gaps between the incoming workforce and the industry. We seek to empower and guide all people in agriculture to achieve their greatest aspirations for the good of the individual and the industry. By connecting young people in high school and college with mentors we endeavor to guide them in rising to their full potential and make them aware of all of the opportunities which are available to them through agriculture. With the aid of other industry professionals and organizations, we provide professional and personal development, networking opportunities, and paths to career fields for our mentors, members, and guests and seek to connect them through our free lectures, social media, and networking events.

For more information on WAME call Pamela Sweeten at 209-606-1418, email her at pamela@trackmycrop.com or visit facebook.com/wame2017.

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