Hey, everybody. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm Kali Holt with the Farm Forum, and I'm so pleased to be joined by Trever Meier, the South Dakota sales rep for Superior Bins. Good afternoon Trever, thank you for joining us.


[00:00:19.660] - Trever

Thanks for having me. 


[00:00:22.570] - Kali

Trever, I understand that Superior is a family owned and operated business. Can you start off by telling us a little bit more about how that came to be? 


[00:00:33.420] - Trever

Yeah. You know, 30 years ago, Claire Rauser actually started the company in his garage, and he was a dealer for other grain bin companies. And he just put them up for farmers throughout the Midwest and started off small. But throughout the years, he grew bigger and bigger. And, you know, the beauty of it is as you learn, as you're working with other products, you can see where there are issues. And in 2008 Claire decided that it was time to start making his own grain bins, and that's when Superior was officially born. 


[00:01:06.980] - Kali

Wow, what a story. So do you guys actually manufacture your bins locally? 


[00:01:13.120] - Trever

Yes, we actually have two manufacturing facilities. In Kindred, North Dakota is our home office. And that is a manufacturing facility that does most of your accessories- that would be your floors, your unloads, your stairs. The grain dryers are all done here in North Dakota. We also have a manufacturing facility just south of Sioux Falls in Beresford, South Dakota. At that location, we have the sidewalls and the roofs that are being manufactured down there. 


[00:01:44.870] - Kali

What types of products does Superior offer between farm and commercial? 


[00:01:51.770] - Trever

You know, that's the beauty of superior, we have it all. We work with both the smaller farmers, medium farmers, all the way to the large co-ops, elevators- our largest bin is just under a million bushels. And our smallest bin you're looking at is about 1500 bushels. So, big to little.


[00:02:10.730] - Kali

So no project too small or too large for you guys. You also mentioned you handle grain dryers as well. Can you tell us a little bit about that? 


[00:02:22.550] - Trever

Yes, we manufacture a continuous mix flow grain driver. You know, they've been around for a long time, but they were not as popular as they are today. One of the big things with them is their efficiencies. They take less fuel, less electricity. Plus, they do a better job of grain drying and they can do whatever commodity you have. And they have just come a long ways and it's been really popular, especially the last few years, where every year we're needing to dry grains.


[00:02:59.270] - Kali

Absolutely. Absolutely. Especially this last couple of years, like you said. So the services you offer on not only your products, but many others as well. 


[00:03:11.050] - Trever

You know, that's another really nice thing with Superior- is we have all the services you need when we sell a bin. We have our site crews that come in and get the site ready. We have our concrete crews that come in and get that going. We have been bin building guys, floor guys. If it's a bigger job where we have millwright, we have all of it. We are a full-service grain bin dealer.


[00:03:36.260] - Kali

Absolutely. And speaking of the full service, that is definitely an advantage to many other companies out there. What other advantages do you have over other companies?


[00:03:48.020] - Trever

You know, we have a number of advantages. One of the biggest ones, and this was one of the issues that we had had in the past- were roof failures. You know, in the Midwest here we get the snow, the winds get it can get nasty out there. So one of our biggest differences is our roof. Three and a half inch roof rib. We have extra breaks in it. Our continuous eve angle where our rough connections are plus our peek ring. I mean, it it turns your roof into one solid piece, and that's why we follow up with a lifetime warranty. And the other beauty of that roof is if you have a roof failure on competitors bin, and we put our rough on there, we have that same warranty on that roof, even though it's on somebody else's bin. So, I mean, really we're proud of our roofs and we back it with lifetime warranty- roofs and parts.


[00:04:45.160] - Kali

Wow. Wow. And it sounds like with your lifetime warranty, you also come out and do service on anything should they need it?


[00:04:56.650] - Trever

Absolutely. We have a full-service team. There's about seven of us in North Dakota and South Dakota that they cover everything from if you have sand failures or motor issues or bigger issues, our guys will be there. And, you know, it's really important when it comes to the heat of the season. Farmers don't have time to be sitting around, not combining their crops. So we are definitely there to support them. 


[00:05:24.970] - Kali

Wow. How can someone get a hold of Superior Bins just to kind of start their journey to purchase with you guys?


[00:05:34.240] - Trever

You know, the best way to get us is on our web site. SuperiorBins.com. You know, and another great way is come visit with us sales guys at the farm shows. I know a lot of them got canceled this year. But the ones that haven't- We'll be there. 


[00:05:50.220] - Kali

Absolutely, so can I actually just call in and schedule for someone to come out and visit with me? Maybe I don't really know the scale of my project and just kind of feel it out with me.


[00:06:01.340] - Trever

Absolutely. And that's one of the funnest parts of my job, is to be able to come out to a farm and help them design their system to best fit their farm and their needs. That was something that in the past that really hasn't happened. We go to a lot of farms, where it's like I wish my dad would have done this when he was designing. And, so we help them work through that. And that's what we're here for- we are here to help you in any way. 


[00:06:29.990] - Kali

Well, thank you so much, Trevor, for taking the time. I absolutely enjoyed it. I think we all learned a lot more about Superior Bins. And we will see you guys again next time. For now. Thank you.

Visit SuperiorBins.com for more information.


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