Details for (No. 805247) (Feb. 11, 15, 2020 -

(No. 805247) (Feb. 11, 15, 2020 - 2T) ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Notice is hereby given that WEB Water Development Association, Inc. will receive sealed bids for construction of the Aberdeen Tower Recoating project. Project scope will include the following: -- Surface preparation and recoating of interior of 1.0 MG multi-legged elevated water storage tank. Tower interior shall be blasted to SSPC-SP5 "White Metal Blast", zinc-rich primer, epoxy stripe coat and 100% solids epoxy top coat; -- Spot surface preparation to SSPC-SP10 "Near-White Metal Blast" and coating repairs of interior (dry) riser; -- Surface preparation and recoating of exterior of 1.0 MG multi-legged elevated water storage tank. Tower exterior shall be blasted to SSPC-SP10 "Near-White Metal Blast", zinc-rich primer, polyurethane stripe coat, polyurethane intermediate coat, and fluoropolymer top coat; -- Caulking of interior roof support members; -- Removal of existing roof vent and installation of new fail-safe roof vent; -- Removal of existing rigid rail fall protection systems and installation of new cable fall protection systems on all tank ladders; -- Installation of new galvanized tank roof railing system and the relocation of existing roof antennas to new rail system; and -- Clean-up and all other miscellaneous work required, not herein mentioned, but inferred from the construction contract documents. -- Bid Alternate #1: Provide complete blast of interior (dry) riser to SSPC-SP10 "Near-White Metal Blast", apply zinc-rich primer, epoxy stripe, intermediate, and top coats. The Bids must be prepared on bid forms supplied in the Bidding Documents and filed with the receptionist at the WEB Water Office, 38456 W US Hwy 12, Aberdeen, SD 57401 not later than 2:00 p.m., Local Time, February 28, 2020, at which time and place all Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud in the presence of Bidders and their representatives. No bids will be received after the specified hour and date, and Bids which are not prepared and filed in accordance with "Instructions to Bidders", may be rejected. Each Bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope. Each sealed envelope containing a Bid must be plainly marked on the outside as Bid for WEB Aberdeen Tower Recoating. The envelope should also bear on the outside the name and address of the Bidder. If forwarded by mail or other delivery system, the sealed envelope containing the Bid must be sealed in another envelope, with the notation "Bid Enclosed" on the face thereof, and addressed to the Billing Clerk, WEB Water Development Association, 38456 W US Hwy 12, Aberdeen, SD 57401. Bidding Documents may be examined at the offices of Banner Associates, Inc. in Brookings, SD. A complete set of Bidding Documents may be obtained at the office of Banner Associates, Inc., 409 22nd Avenue South, P.O. Box 298, Brookings, SD 57006, (605) 692-6342 or may be ordered from Copies may be obtained upon a non-refundable payment in the sum of $74.20 including applicable taxes and fees for each set of Bidding Documents. Electronic copies are also available and can be ordered and downloaded from the above website for a $25.00 non-refundable fee. Upon request, in accordance with South Dakota Codified Law 5-18B-1, one copy of electronic or paper Bidding Documents shall be furnished, without charge, to each prime contractor resident in South Dakota who intends, in good faith, to submit a bid to the Owner. Additionally, if a paper copy is provided under the conditions of SDCL 5-18B-1, in consideration of the documents being provided at no charge, unsuccessful bidders agree to return the documents to the office of Banner Associates, at the address listed above, within thirty (30) days after the bid opening. The Bidder to whom the contract is awarded will be required to furnish a construction performance bond and a construction payment bond to the Owner in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the contract award for each bond, in conformance with the requirements of the Contract Documents. The construction performance bond and construction payment bond shall remain in full force until the completion of the Contract as specified in the General Conditions. All bids must be accompanied by a Bid security. Bid security will take the form of a bid bond in an amount of ten percent (10%) of the Bidder's maximum Bid price or a cashier's or certified check made payable to Owner in an amount of five percent (5%) of the Bidder's maximum Bid price. The Bid security will be retained by the Owner as liquidated damages if the successful bidder refuses or fails to enter into an Agreement within fifteen (15) days after Notice of Award or fails at time of executing the contract to furnish a construction performance bond and construction payment bond guaranteeing the faithful performance of the work. No pre-bid conference will be held. Bids may not be withdrawn after the time fixed for opening them. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and to waive any irregularities therein. BY ORDER of the Board of Directors, WEB Water Development Association, Inc. Date _______________________ By __________________________ WEB Water Development Association, Inc. Published twice at the approximate cost of $190.96.