The Angus Foundation introduces Morgan Fruge, Jennings, La., as the 2019 Talon Youth Education Learning Program intern, which will give her the opportunity to have real-world cattle experience this summer. Fruge will intern with Henning Farms, Janesville, Wis.

“By completing this internship, I expect to come away with a new understanding and appreciation of what it takes to become a farmer,” Fruge said. “I hope to obtain the skills to run my own small herd in the future and gain the knowledge to handle all aspects of my farm.”

The Talon Youth Education Learning Program internship is the legacy of the late Camron “Cam” Cooper of Talon Ranch, Twin Bridges, Mont. Cooper set up the Angus/Talon Youth Education Learning Program Endowment Fund in 2009 to be a holistic educational experience for students.

The internship program pairs motivated Angus youth with working registered Angus breeders/ranches to provide youth valuable education and work experience for a summer. The internship program is open to college sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students and recent college graduates under age 25 who are majoring in an agricultural field of study.

Fruge is a junior at McNeese State University, where she is pursuing an animal science degree. Her future goals are to attend veterinary school where she plans to become a large animal vet and eventually run her own small Angus herd operation.

In addition, Fruge is a 10-year member of the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) and is also a member of the Louisiana Junior Angus Association.

Fruge’s leadership extends beyond the Angus industry. At McNeese State University, she is involved in six different clubs and holds offices in four. She also is actively involved in Collegiate FFA.

“The Talon Youth Education Learning Program provides students an amazing opportunity to experience what it is like to run a cattle operation every day,” said Rod Schoenbine, Angus Foundation director of development. “We believe her internship with Henning Farms will provide her with the experience to help guide her in the future.”

Henning Farms is a 250-head registered Angus herd on 200 acres in Wisconsin. Fruge will be involved in all day-to-day activities, including IVF collection, heat detection, ET work, feeding cattle, evaluating the health of the donors and giving shots to stimulate for aspirations.

She will have the opportunity to work with the elite heifers in the show barn, attend cattle shows and be involved with fitting. She will also get to work on sale heifers.

“We feel Henning Farms can provide an intern with a variety of hands-on opportunities,” said Mike Henning, ranch owner. “We are honored to be given the chance to work with Fruge and provide her with insight into our daily activities.”

Along with working with the cattle, Henning Farms offers the opportunity to experience the row crop side of their operation, as well.

“We believe Henning Farms and Fruge are a great match for the Talon Youth Education Learning Program Internship,” Schoenbine said. “We are confident that Fruge and her host ranch family will learn from each other, and Fruge will grow personally and professionally as a result of this educational internship experience.”

For more information about the Angus Foundation, call 816-383-5100 or email

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