Cattle producers can once again verify their Angus-sired genetics through AngusSource, the USDA Process Verified Program (PVP) from the American Angus Association. AS-Angus-Sired Genetics (AS-ASG) was added as the sixth AngusSource PVP point on March 15, 2019, AS-ASG, verifies calves are sired by 100 percent registered Angus bulls, joins Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC), AS-NeverEver3 (AS-NE3), AS-Cattle Care and Handling (AS-CCH) and AS-Calf Management (AS-CM) as AngusSource enrollment options. As the program’s base PVP, all calf crops are automatically enrolled into Group Age and Source.

Packers and feedyards were the driving force to add AS-ASG back into the lineup, since many packers use AngusSource in their GLA. Standing for government live Angus, the GLA specifies the characteristics that make cattle eligible for approved beef programs claiming Angus influence. It may be included in program descriptions like this:

  • Are derived from cattle that meet the phenotypic or genotypic (AngusSource) requirements of the USDA Specification for Characteristics of Cattle Eligible for Approved Beef Programs Claiming Angus Influence (GLA).

This means calves that are not black-hided but are enrolled in AS-ASG can qualify for black-hided packer premiums if it is written into the packer’s GLA.

AngusSource verification certificates indicate which programs calf crops are enrolled in. Producers who choose to enroll in AS-ASG will see the registered Angus sire’s name and registration number on their verification certificate.

The best of both worlds

Commercial producers who are loyal Angus bull customers have the option to dual enroll in AngusSource and Angus LinkSM, the Association’s feeder cattle program, to maximize their marketing opportunities and receive the best return-on-investment for using registered Angus genetics. AngusSource requirements for dual-enrolled calves include Group Age and Source and AS-ASG at minimum. Producers will receive AngusSource and Angus Link certificates along with online marketing support and support from the Association’s field staff.

For more information about AngusSource enrollment, visit

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