PIERRE — The distinctive bright red jerseys proudly representing South Dakota beef producers had a fantastic day running in this year’s Sioux Falls Marathon on Sept. 9. Team BEEF SD hosted over 15 of their own as they “Ran in Red” alongside 2,300 others from all over the country, competing in the 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon.

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) in partnership with Sanford Heart Hospital and South Dakota State University meat science department encouraged participants to “refuel” after the big race by offering beef tri-tip sliders.

Team Beef members receive beef nutrition information to help them better understand how the high-quality, complete protein helps the body with maintenance, repair and growth of lean muscle mass. The protein found in beef also helps aid in optimal immune system function along with nutrients such as zinc, iron and B-vitamins that help keep the body healthy. Holly Swee, SDBIC director of nutrition states, “Team BEEF members are passionate about supporting South Dakota beef producers and promoting beef. They do this by being physically active, including nutritious beef in their training diet and being healthy role models while wearing the Team BEEF jersey throughout the year.”

Long time Team BEEF member Bill Anderson ran the half marathon at Sioux Falls, but his training process wasn’t easy. “After last year’s race I changed my training. I increased my mileage and with the combination of hard speed training workouts, it began to take a toll on me. My 43-year old body wasn’t responding to the training and the aches and pains pushed me to take days off I didn’t want to take in order to prevent injury.” says Anderson. After visiting with his coach, Anderson was told he was probably iron deficient and needed to increase iron intake to fuel red blood cells. As a Team BEEF member, Bill has always incorporated beef into his diet but in order to fully train for his races he neededto make slight changes to his diet to incorporate more beef and other iron rich vegetables on certain training days to reach that necessary iron level. His results? Positive. “I’ve ran three half marathons since last year’s half. I’ve set personal records at each race I’ve ran, suffered no injuries, had fewer post run aches and pains, and reached a sub 90-minute half marathon goal that I had set for myself.” Anderson can attest, “Pre-race fueling matters. I’ve been running for Team Beef now for five years, but just this year I realized the significance of what Team BEEF represents is to my running health and well-being. High-iron beef has made all the difference for my training and race performance.”

September wraps up our Team BEEF program activities for the season. Team BEEF South Dakota is open to all South Dakotans who want to promote beef, be physically active and showcase eating beef in a healthy lifestyle. Registration for the 2019 team will open in December. For more information on the program and future announcements, follow us on Facebook or contact Holly Swee hswee@sdbeef.org.

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