Whatever happens in Vegas, Taylon Carmody doesn’t plan to leave it there. Instead, he plans to bring back hardware to his hometown of Mobridge.

Carmody, 12, will be competing in the Junior World Finals in Las Vegas Dec. 5-10. On Sept. 30, Carmody qualified at the High Plains Circuit in bareback riding in Fort Pierre.

Nerves and jitters can be hard on a young kid in big events, but Carmody knows what it takes to succeed and can’t wait to showcase his talents.

“When it’s big rodeos like Vegas or the short gos in some rodeos, I get pretty nervous,” Carmody said. “But I just got to think that I’ve put my work in and just got to make it happen.”

Carmody has continued to put in his work toward the finals since his qualifying effort in September.

“I’ve been practicing, working outside, going to the weight room, and running,” Carmody said. “We also just started wrestling practice so that is going to help a lot.”

Family is a major part of Carmody’s participation and he doesn’t forget where he started.

“My brother used to ride bulls, but he started riding bareback horses because his bosses influenced him. They used to be bareback riders,” said Carmody. “We went to a rodeo he was riding in and there was mini barebacks in Miller. So I was able to get involved there and then I started to get on more and more. It was always fun and eventually took it serious. And now we’re here.”

And in true family fashion, Carmody’s father, Joe, is there to make sure things are in place.

“My dad is always there for everything and he has been good to me,” Carmody said. “He makes sure I have all my equipment together and makes sure I get to my rodeos. He does everything for me and I appreciate it.”

With impressive achievements at a young age, Carmody knows a thing or two about the fundamentals of bareback riding.

“The way you’re supposed to do it is lift with your hips. It is the most important thing in bareback riding,” Carmody mentioned. “If you don’t lift, you won’t stand with your rigging and you’ll get loose. You’ll get jerked around on the horse weighing 1,400 pounds on the end of your arm. You’ve got to yank that rigging out of your hand.”

When asked about what motivates him to compete, he provided a blunt but precise answer.

“Probably just the fun in it. The thought of knowing I’ve accomplished something,” Carmody said. “I just continue to enjoy the fun of it and putting the work that goes into it.”

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