The stands were packed at the 2018 Angus Convention as attendees gathered for the Grand Prize Giveaway. Hopefuls had their sights set on a polished John Deere XUV835M Gator Crossover Utility Vehicle and a Priefert and Tru-Test by Datamars complete cattle handling system. A large number of convention attendees entered for their chance to take home the prizes, but only two won big.

The Priefert Rodeo and Ranch Equipment cattle handling system corral features a solid sweep with a straight working alley, adjustable to one of four widths, leading to a Priefert Model S04 Squeeze Chute. The prize also features a Tru-Test by Datamars complete weight and water management solution. This package includes the XR5000 digital scale indicator, HD5T load bars designed for manual and hydraulic squeeze chutes, XRS2 electronic identification reader and the WaterWell 2 automatic waterer. The Tru-Test by Datamars system is designed to help producers make key management decisions that will ultimately increase efficiencies and profits.

Barry Endy of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, took home the complete Priefert Rodeo and Ranch Equipment and Tru-Test by Datamars cattle handling system and complete weight and water management solution valued at more than $33,000.

“It was a lifetime experience winning the Grand Prize,” Endy said. “It’s pretty awesome. I never thought I’d win anything like this. It’ll be lifechanging.”

Sidman, Pennsylvania, native Theresa Neff was the lucky winner of the XUV835M Gator Crossover Utility Vehicle. Donated by John Deere, the XUV835M Gator Crossover Utility Vehicle has a retail value of more than $16,000 and features a three-person cockpit, power steering, front and rear suspension and 54-hp gasoline engine.

“We will definitely put this piece of equipment to good use,” Neff said. “It will be handy traveling from farm to farm and carrying supplies.”

Giveaway sponsors Priefert, Tru-Test by Datamars and John Deere helped to create a memorable convention for two very lucky Angus breeders.

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