Clint Johnson statue

T.R. Chytka (left) and Clint Johnson holding the clay model of Johnson’s upcoming bronze statue replica.

Clint Johnson will be the next large bronze statue to be placed at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center. Clint Johnson is a 4-time world champion bronc rider from Spearfish. The large bronze statue of Johnson riding Kicking Bear will be placed in the sculpture garden in 2019. The sculptor, T.R. Chytka, is presently working on the large bronze and bronze replicas. A limited number of the Johnson bronze replicas will be available beginning this winter.

The statue of Casey Tibbs riding The Old Grey Mare was placed in June 2018. This statue was placed alongside the 2013 bronze statue of 5-time World Champion Billy Etbauer.

“The Sculpture Garden will honor the top three bronc riders in South Dakota,” said Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center Director Cindy Bahe. “Tibbs was a 9-time World Champion with six of those championships in saddle bronc riding.

Two additional existing large bronze statues of Casey Tibbs and trick rider & philanthropist Mattie Goff Newcombe are on display inside the Rodeo Center Museum. Tony Chytka, of Belle Fourche is the sculptor of all five large bronze statues created at about 70 percent scale.

Chytka is an art graduate of Black Hills State University.

A limited number of small bronze replicas of the Johnson, Tibbs and Etbauer statues are available for sale. Contact Cindy at the Rodeo Center at 605-494-1094 for availability or for more information.

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