Shotgun competition

Zach Ohma from Ramsey County takes a shot in a shotgun event at the 2019 4-H National Championships in Grand Island, Neb.

North Dakota’s 4-H shooting sports archery team placed 10th and the shotgun team placed 11th at the 2019 4-H National Championships in Grand Island, Neb.

The youth competed in a field of 30 teams in the shotgun events and 24 teams in the archery events.

The North Dakota teams consisted of competitors who qualified in the 2018 North Dakota State Championships in shotgun and archery. Each team had four members who competed in their qualifying discipline.

Members of the shotgun team were Zachary Ohma, Chris Morstad and Erich Scheffert from Ramsey County and Andrew Hill from Dickey County. ShiAnne Boehm and Ben Niemuth from Morton County, Ethan Myers from Ward County and Ethan Sprague from Stutsman County represented North Dakota in archery.

The teams were required to participate in 3-D, World Federation Field Archery and a half-field round of National Federation Archery Association archery at the National Championships. The shotgun events included trap, skeet and sporting clays. Participants earned individual and team awards for the top 10 placings in the discipline for each day and overall match awards.

Individual Awards


• Morstad - 20th.

• Scheffert - 41st.

• Ohma - 62nd.

• Hill - 92th.


• Sprague - 28th.

• Myers - 39th.

• Niemuth - 40th.

• Boehm - 64th.

Team and Individual Results by Day

Day 1 - Shotgun

• Shotgun team tied for seventh in sporting clays.

• Morstad - 17th (score 81/100).

• Scheffert - 21st (score 78/100).

• Ohma - 50th (score 69/100).

• Hill - 98th (score 50/100).

Day 1 - Archery

• Archery team placed 15th in Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc archery.

• Myers - 34th (score 660/720).

• Niemuth - 61st (score 635/720).

• Sprague - 62th (score 634/720).

• Boehm - 73rd (score 621/720).

Day 2 - Shotgun

• Shotgun team finished 17th in skeet.

• Morstad - 59th (score 83/100).

• Scheffert - 65th (score 81/100).

• Ohma - 72nd (score 80/100).

• Hill - 100th (score 67/100).

Day 2 - Archery

• Archery team placed seventh in field archery.

• Myers - 13th (score 240/280).

• Sprague - 23rd (score 233/280).

• Niemuth - 56th (score 214/280).

• Boehm - 64th (score 209/280).

Day 3 - Shotgun

• Shotgun team finished 10th in trap.

• Morstad and Hill tied for 28th (score 93/100).

• Scheffert - 64th (score 89/100).

• Ohma - 72th (score 87/100).

Day 3 - Archery

• Archery team placed eighth in 3-D archery.

• Sprague - 22nd (score 252/330).

• Niemuth - 23rd (score 251/330).

• Myers - 53rd (score 211/330).

• Boehm - 56th (score 208/330).

Shooting sports is sponsored by Scheels, a supporter of the North Dakota 4-H Foundation.

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