01-25-19 clearheart design




An old-fashioned wraparound porch welcomes family and friends to the Clearheart, an otherwise modern home packed with popular amenities. Wood corbels accent the three front gables. Gently arched windows add grace and charm.

Inside, cozy niches and intriguing ceiling treatments abound. In the entry, for instance, the ceiling is high and vaulted, with natural light washing down through the overhead dormer. The vaulting here extends into the family room. Display shelves overarch the passageways to this large space and the bedroom hallway as well.

The dining area and family room are vaulted while a 9’ ceiling defines the kitchen space. And there’s more. A lofty vaulted ceiling adds drama and volume to the owners’ suite, and a coffered ceiling enhances the understated elegance of the bayed front room.

Both secondary bedrooms boast window seats with built-in storage below. These are ideal for curling up with a book, displaying prized toys, or just plain daydreaming.

Display shelves nestle into a small alcove in the short hallway leading into the owners’ suite. Other noteworthy features in this luxurious adult retreat include: a large walk-in closet, dual vanity, separately enclosed shower and toilet, spa tub, and a built-in seat.

Windows fill most of the family room’s rear wall, providing natural illumination on all but the darkest days when the fireplace will be most appreciated. From the kitchen sink, there’s a clear view of this entire space, plus the patio and beyond. Guests and family members will naturally gravitate to the raised conversation bar.

Stairways near the utility room lead down to the Clearheart’s basement and up to a large bonus room over an exceptionally deep garage.

Associated Designs is the original source for the Clearheart 10-410. For more information or to view other designs, visit www.AssociatedDesigns.com or call 800-634-0123.

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