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Back Row – Daryn Zeigler (Cert. Coach), Caleb Pribyl, Garrett Rausch, Joseph Dutenhoeffer, Megan Jager, Bobbi Eide, Tanner Eide, Treyson Zeigler, Sage Hermann, DaShawn Rausch, Shon Eide (Cert. Coach). Middle Row – Kari Zeigler (Cert. Coach), Tanner Nieuwsma, Jonah Pribyl, Kylee Phillips, Austin Jensen, Dakota Jensen, Garrett Zeigler, Michael Jager, Wiley Cronin, Penny Rogers (Cert. Coach), Gerri Eide (Cert. Coach), Doug Johnson (Cert. Coach). Front Row – Kari Rogers (Cert. Coach), Megan Hermann, Abbie Larson, Hunter Eide, Cody Simon. Not Pictured — Ethan Amick, Braxton Beringer, Brooklyn Beringer, Damion Johnson, Cooper Keller, Neva Mikkelsen, Olivia Mikkelsen, Peyton Stevens.

The Potter Co. 4-H Shooting Sports Club started their 2019 season with 29 members, 16 members participated in the BB-Gun Program and 25 members participated in the archery program. During the season the members participate in 3 different postal matches and the qualifiers attend the State Match held in Ft. Pierre South Dakota. Members of the club are – Beginners- Wiley Cronin, Michael Jager, Austin Jensen, Cooper Keller, Tanner Nieuwsma, Kylee Phillips, Caleb Pribyl, Garrett Rausch, Peyton Stevens, Treyson Zeigler. Juniors – Ethan Amick, Brooklyn Beringer, Joseph Dutenhoeffer, Bobbi Eide, Tanner Eide, Megan Hermann, Sage Hermann, Megan Jager, Dakota Jensen, Damion Johnson, Neva Mikkelsen, Olivia Mikkelsen, Jonah Pribyl, DaShawn Rausch, Garrett Zeigler. Seniors – Braxton Beringer, Hunter Eide, Abbie Larson, Cody Simon.

Results for the Postal matches are as follows:

Postal Match 1 – CWS — Tanner Eide, 2nd place Jr. – Abbie Larson, 2nd place Sr.

CWS Team – Tanner Eide, Damion Johnson, Megan Jager, Garrett Zeigler, 1st place Jr.

RWOS – Joseph Dutenhoeffer, 2nd place Jr.

Postal Match 2 –CWS – Michael Jager, 4th place Beg., Garrett Zeigler, 1st place Jr., Tanner Eide, 5th place Jr., Abbie Larson, 4th place Sr.

CWS Team – Tanner Eide, Damion Johnson, Garrett Zeigler, 1st place Jr., Bobbi Eide, Sage Hermann, Dakota Jensen, 2nd place Jr.

RWOS – Joseph Dutenhoeffer, 5th place Jr.

Postal Match 3 – CWS – Michael Jager, 2nd place Beg., Treyson Ziegler, 3rd place Beg. Garrett Zeigler, 1st place Jr., Tanner Eide, 2nd place Jr., Megan Hermann, 5th place Jr., Abbie Larson, 1st place Sr.

CWS Team – Tanner Eide, Megan Hermann, Garrett Zeigler, 1st place Jr., Sage Hermann, Megan Jager, Olivia Mikkelsen, 2nd place Jr., Ethan Amick, Dakota Jensen, Damion Johnson, 3rd place Jr.

State 4-H Shooting Sports Match results:

We had 24 members qualify for the State Match April 26-28, 2019. After 3 days of competition with approximately 2,750 discipline entries at State, overall, we had 3 members place in the top 5 in their respective age division and discipline in Archery, and one member came home with a position medal placing in BB-Gun!

Results for our Club are as follows:


CWS – Michael Jager, 5th place Beg. Trophy & Purple Ribbon.

Garrett Zeigler, 3rd place Jr. Trophy & Blue Ribbon.

Abbie Larson, 3rd place Sr. Trophy & Blue Ribbon.

Blue Ribbon – Tanner Eide, Megan Hermann, Dakota Jensen, Damion Johnson. Red Ribbon – Bobbi Eide, Sage Hermann. White Ribbon –Ethan Amick, Megan Jager, Olivia Mikkelsen, Cody Simon.

CWS-Team – Tanner Eide, Megan Hermann, Damion Johnson, Garrett Zeigler, 1st place Jr.-Blue Ribbon, Bobbi Eide, Sage Hermann, Megan Jager, 2nd place Jr., White Ribbon. Ethan Amick, Dakota Jensen, Olivia Mikkelsen, 3rd place JR., White Ribbon.

CWS-R – Blue Ribbon – Joseph Dutenhoeffer, Hunter Eide. White Ribbon – Brooklyn Beringer, Damion Johnson, Peyton Stevens.

CWOS – Red Ribbon – Neva Mikkelsen.

RWOS –Red Ribbon – Tanner Eide, Damion Johnson. White Ribbon — Joseph Dutenhoeffer.

RWOS-Team- Joseph Dutenhoeffer, Tanner Eide, Damion Johnson 2nd place Jr., Red Ribbon


BB-Gun Position Medal – Hunter Eide – 4th place Sr.- Prone-at State Match.

BB-Gun- Blue Ribbon-Bobbi Eide, Hunter Eide, Megan Hermann, Treyson Zeigler. Red Ribbon- Ethan Amick, Wiley Cronin, Michael Jager, Damion Johnson, Jonah Pribyl, Garrett Rausch, Peyton Stevens. White Ribbon – Austin Jensen, DaShawn Rausch.

The club held their annual fun afternoon on May 5. We announced Postals 1,2,& 3 awards and State Match results (unofficial at that time). We also handed out club awards and participation certificates to the members. Match 1,2,& 3 awards and State Match awards will be handed out at the Annual 4-H Recognition Banquet in November. Club Awards are as follows: 2019 Rookie Award for Archery – Sage Hermann. 2019 Rookie Award for BB-Gun – Jonah Pribyl. 2019 Most Improved- Archery — Garrett Zeigler. 2019 Most Improved- BB-Gun – DaShawn Rausch. After the awards program, everyone enjoyed a light lunch and shooting some BB-Gun and Archery!

Our 2019 4-H Shooting Sports Season was a Great Success! Congratulations to each and every member and we’re looking forward to Season 2020!

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