James Halverson

South Dakota Stockgrowers Association Executive Director James Halverson.

The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association is excited to announce the hiring of their new executive director, James Halverson. Halverson will start coming in to the office, under one of the most historic signs in Rapid City, on the corner of 5th and St. Joe right away.

The Stockgrowers had a committee in charge of finding a person that could help lead the oldest state run cattle organization in the entire country. After the summer of looking through applicants, and conducting interviews, the committee took their recommendation to the full Stockgrower Board. “James stood out among a very impressive pool of applicants, and we are overjoyed to have someone with as much experience, and knowledge of the livestock industry, become our new executive director! His experience as an ag teacher, and coach, will be beneficial to not only, help with the very diverse policy items our organization works on, but also connect with a new generation of producers”, says Gary Deering, president of The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association.

Halverson is handling this transition much like much of his career as a wrestling coach, and is taking the bull by the horns and will start right away. “I am very excited to be an integral part of the team with the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association. I am also really looking forward to serving the livestock producers across the state and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Deering also mentions how the timing of Halverson’s hiring is so important. “It was my goal to make an announcement on our new executive director by our annual convention held, September 27, and 28, in Rapid City, and this is great, that not only this is going to happen, but also James will be with us almost a full month to help prepare for this great annual event.”

Halverson, too, is excited to be part of this event. “I have looked over the agenda that is in place at this point, and can’t wait, to roll up my sleeves, and help where I can. The speakers, and trade show will prove to be second to none, around this area, and I hope many members will attend so I have a chance to meet everybody.”

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