International Model 606, 706, 806

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International Harvester introduced the Model 606 in 1962 and it remained in production until 1967.

This six-cylinder gasoline engine with three and nine-sixteenths by three and eleven-sixteenths-inch bore and stoke operated at 2,000 RPM with a maximum 45 horsepower in third gear. The PTO produced 53 horsepower.

The 606 offered a ten-speed selective gear transmission with partial range power shifting. Speeds ranged from 1.3 to 17.6 miles an hour.

The 606 was equipped with 14.9 by 28 rear tires and 6 by 16 front tires. Bare tractor weight was 5,215 pounds. Fuel economy was about 10.4 horsepower hours per gallon of gasoline.

The 606 was also available with a diesel engine and the same basic chassis design. The diesel model had a slightly larger cubic inch displacement, 236 CiD as compared to the 22 CiD of the gasoline model.

Both engines operated at a rated 2,000 RPM.

The diesel model had a fuel economy of 14.7 horsepower hours per gallon of fuel. The diesel model weighed about 250 pounds more than the gasoline model.

In 1963 International introduced the 706. It was available in a Farmall style or the industrial or wide front design. Additionally, the 706 was available with a gasoline, propane, or diesel powered engine.

A high clearance model could be ordered or in an all-wheel drive design.

The gasoline engine was a 291 CiD with a PTO rating of 76 miles horsepower. The 706 offered a 12-speed transmission. The model outsold the 606 and 806.

The list price when new was about $6,400 to $6,900 depending on the equipment ordered.

The 806 was the largest of International row crop models offered in the years 1963 to 1967. The six-cylinder four and one-eighths by four and one-half inch bore and stoke gave a displacement of 361 CiD and a PTO horsepower rating of 90.

The 806 had hydrastatic power brakes, steering, power shift and a torque amplifier system that provided on-the-go shifting. The 806 was also available in a high clearance model. Engines were available as gasoline, propane or diesel power.

Production of 606, 706 and 806 ended in 1967.

International offered a 1206 model from 1965 to 1967. It was a six-cylinder turbo boosted diesel with a 361 CiD engine that produced a 112 PTO horsepower. In the Nebraska test, the 1206 made an impressive pull of 10,774 pounds at 3.01 miles an hour.

Written by Delmer Dooley