A new year is a chance for a fresh start

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Do you ever wish for a magic wand? Or maybe just a magic eraser, to erase past mistakes? Good news! The new year is basically a magic eraser. It is a fresh start, a clean slate, a new game. We may be a couple weeks into the new year, but it is still new!

What is it you want to do better? With finances perhaps it’s balancing your checkbook, saving $15 per week, keeping credit card receipts, limiting certain spending to $20 per week, paying bills on time, paying $50 per month extra on credit card bills, etc.

Whatever your goal, a new year is a chance to essentially erase the old score and start anew. You can still get ahead if you remember to do all the things you do right. One problem we face when we try to build good habits is that we tend to focus on what we do wrong. We may think we’ve done so many things wrong in our lifetimes that we won’t ever even the score. But a new year is a new start-start where you are now. (ex: this is how much debt I have now. This is how much savings I have now.)

Starting where you are now, you don’t have to go too far to improve.

· If you have credit card debt of $3100, and you bring it down to $3000, then you have made progress.

· I you have never balanced your checkbook and you balance it once a week now, that’s progress.

· If you stopped yourself from impulse buying once, that is progress.

· If you have started a budget, that is progress.

· If you opened a savings account, or made a deposit, that is progress.

· If you never exercised before, and now you do once a week, that is progress.

A key to building new habits is noticing what we do right! And making small steps is better than making no steps at all. You may not do it perfect – you may not balance your checkbook every week, but if you notice the times that you do then you’ll be reminded that you can do those things, that it is not that hard, and that you are making progress. Believing that you can is half the battle.

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