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Fact or fiction; truth or consequence; cure or old wives’ tale-the daily conversations are heating up about what works and what does not work to cure the flu bug. This virulent flu strain is affecting a multitude of people who are desperately searching for a foolproof cure. And the masses have good reason to be desperate because this flu bug is a very nasty life-threatening one. So, the quest for a rapid cure has led to some rather unusual remedies. But to the believers of these so-called remedies, they would tell you it worked for them and— may I quote the well-known words of Charles Ripley– you can “believe it or not!”

Unusual flu bug remedies

The onion appears to be the queen bee vegetable for attacking the flu bugs this year. It has been rather interesting to hear the claims of what an onion can do in helping to ward off, to prevent or to actually cure the flu bug trauma. For some onion proponents claim that just by placing several whole onions about the house-that the onions will soak up the flu bug germs and relieve the patient of the illness. The affected onion can than be easily disposed of and voile-no more flu bugs.

Others state that you have to cut the onion in half and place it near the patient in order for the germs to be absorbed. And some state that they merely cut both ends off the onion and it works like a charm. Whatever the procedure, the end result for each of these cures is always the same. Their flu bug cure procedure works the best-believe it or not!

My onion experience

I lay no claim to whether an onion cures or does not cure the flu bug, but what could it hurt to try the onion remedy? Right? So, even though we did

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not have the flu bug yet, I cut an onion in half and put it in a small dish on our kitchen cupboard. One half of the onion was laid cut face down; the other half was placed cut face up. I didn’t want to leave any cure possibility to chance. For in all truth, I had been sneezing and blowing my nose quite a bit and my dear one thought that there might just be a chance for the onion remedy to clear up my sinus problems.

So far, the only major thing that has happened is that our house reeks of onion! Wouldn’t you know that it was just my luck to have chosen the most potent smelling onion from my dried onion stash in the basement? I had given several other onions from the same stash to our son to try, and his onions didn’t smell to high heaven like mine. But, drat the luck, I had to draw the stinkiest one of the bunch.

Nausea city-here I come

At first, the overpowering fumes from this cut onion bugger made me feel rather nauseous. This queasiness in the stomach area came on so fast, that it got me to thinking. Maybe, just maybe, there was something to this whole hurrah about the power of an onion. Hm? Maybe this stinky garden onion was warding off some flu bugs causing me to feel nauseous. Maybe it was doing its duty. Well, the nausea soon passed, my sinuses cleared up, and I seemed back to normal. Thank goodness.

What did I learn?

What did I learn from this little experiment? That I don’t like stinky onions even though they’re good for clearing up my sinus congestion problems. And also that you don’t need a whole bunch of onions scattered throughout the house to cure an illness. It only takes one special onion to do the trick! “Believe it or not!”

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