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Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions.

Trivet, “Good Luck to All Who Use This Stand,” cast iron, six-pointed star, 8 x 4 inches, $35.

Tent curtain, Turkish, diamond design, red field, c. 1940, 28 x 49 inches, $214.

Andirons, brass, double-lemon top, 19 x 22 inches, $295.

Toy wagon, wood, Goodwill Soap stencil, side handle, 31 x 19 inches, $325.

Hampshire Pottery vase, green matte glaze, shouldered, 4 x 7 inches, $336.

Toy robot, Astroman, plastic, glow-in-dark head, walks, bends, red, black, box, c. 1962, 4 x 11 1/2 inches, $403.

Candlestick, Charles X, gilt bronze, marble socket and shaft, 15 1/2 in. pair, $1,075.

Cloisonne jardiniere, flower vases, lappet bands, cobalt blue ground, wooden stand, Chinese, 34 inches, $1,250.

Tiffany silver vase, Art Deco, trumpet shape, line sides, flowers at base, domed, round foot, c. 1950, 11 inches, $1,500.

Pier table, neoclassical, mahogany, marble top, columns, mirror, shelf, c. 1810, 36 x 36 inches, $5,795.