Snow, snow and more snow piling up everywhere

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Stroll down the sidewalk, stop at intersection or look out the window and you’ll always see the same thing — snow and lots of it.

Since it’s near the end of February, the snow is no longer the white, crisp snow in a Christmas movie. Instead, there are piles of that ugly, brownish white slop that makes everyone sick of winter.

Most people want to see those piles disappear, but because that’s unlikely to happen for a while, you might as well have fun with them. Here are a few creative ways to enjoy those snowbanks:

Plant a flag on your snowbank

Do you have an enormous pile of snow? Make a homemade flag, scale the snowbank, and claim it as your own. It’s not quite the same as planting a flag atop a mountain, but the climb should be easier.

Stock up on frozen foods

During the warmer months, you have to consider how much room is in your freezer when you are grocery shopping. During the winter, you have freezers surrounding your home. Those piles of snow outside provide virtually unlimited storage space for your frozen dinners.

Make snowballs for summer

If you followed the last tip, you probably have a freezer in your home with a lot of room. To fill that void, why not mold a few snowballs and put them away until summertime? Your friends won’t know what hit them when you start hurling snow balls in the middle of June. Just make sure the snow can be packed together, (you might have to wait until the temperature rises a little) and that your freezer isn’t set to extremely low temperatures. Remember, snowballs are funny, but a ball of ice is painful.

Have a practice egg hunt

Just because Easter is more than a month away doesn’t mean your kids shouldn’t be prepared. Bury some plastic eggs throughout your property and challenge the kids to bring them all back. If they’re able to find that egg you buried 2 feet deep in a snowbank in the backyard, you can be confident they can find those eggs you’ll hide at the end of March.

Show off your artistic side

If you are sick of staring out your front window and seeing that ugly brownish-white mess, do something about it. Buy a whole batch of food coloring or other painting materials (preferably not the permanent ones), and change the color.

Stargaze on a snowbank

Wear lots of layers, go outside at night and just lie down. Ponder the mysteries of the universe as you stare into outer space while enveloped by a layer of snow. Just don’t fall asleep.

Complain about the snow

Plenty of people have been doing this activity for months. So, if you haven’t already, you might as well join them.