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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about waiting for the bang and the roar. The idea was that when we heard the bang and the roar, it would signal the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Little did I realize how long we would have to wait?

Many signs of spring appeared after that article with winter persistently hanging on. I mean we saw such things as the robins coming and the pocket gophers digging and the coots flocking in and even the seagulls flying around and still there was no spring.

And then it finally happened. On the 24th of April, we heard the bang and it was a very loud one. It thundered so loudly that it shook the house and woke our old Junior dog. He let out a scared yelp and came running to me for safety.

That same afternoon we also saw some lightning, then it started snowing, then it rained, and then it sleeted and then voile-blue skies appeared. Winter left under a great deal of duress but none the less, it left the area. You might even say that the old lion of winter left with a roar and a bang. And now the lamb of the spring season can safely scamper in. Yes! Yes! Yes!

For those of us in cow country, it has been one for the history books. I hope we never see it again. Now, all I want to do is bask in the sunshine and look forward to warmer weather.

Onward and upward

Garden season will soon be here and I can’t wait to plant some lettuce, radishes, and tomatoes. Ahhh! Luscious, succulent tasting tomatoes-I can taste them right now. BLT’s here we come. I think we all will enjoy this treat even more

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this summer. When one has to wait for something to happen, it seems like the wait makes it more special. Hmm? Maybe I will plant even more tomatoes this year just to make sure I have enough.

Another thing that I can hardly wait for is to have the tractors and planters rolling across the fields. Why? Because then my fellows will be out of the house and I can get to some spring house cleaning. No more grumpy old men sitting around complaining about the weather. Yes! Good times here we come.

A third thing to look forward to is the upcoming confirmations, graduations, weddings, and family cookouts. Oh, the joy of meeting and greeting and visiting with our friends and neighbors and not having to worry about another snow storm postponing the event.

A fourth thing to look forward to is getting the cows and calves to pasture and away from the mud and yuck of the calving pens. There is nothing more enjoyable than to see new little calves coming off the horse trailers and running through the fresh green grass of the pastures. Oh, my, what a sight! Almost brings tears to this old farm lady’s eyes.

With a little bit of bloomin’ luck

With a little bit of luck, all of these onward and upward activities will take place in short order. It’s a late spring which means lots of hard work ahead of us playing catch up; but it will be well worth it.

As I stated before; if you have to wait for something-it makes it more special. Well, with the long wait that we have experienced-this long anticipated spring and hoped for summer season will be a real humdinger!

Happy Planting!

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