Sprout a perfect Mother’s Day gift

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Those who put off buying a Mother’s Day gift because they don’t know what to get their mothers can take heart.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the choices, think first about your mother’s personality.

Different types of moms prefer different types of gifts. Here is a list of moms and the types of gifts they might like. A few stores are mentioned where those gifts might be found.

Those who haven’t bought a present yet better get going — Mother’s Day is only one week away.

Here are mom types and potential gifts:

Artistic, alternative mom

The alternative mom likes something different, unique and not mainstream. The Red Rooster is a good place to start. Try fancy handmade scarves from Nepal or Guatemala. Prices range from $11 to $30. The Red Rooster has other handmade gifts that are international and fair trade.

Sporty mom

If your mom likes sports, it’s a good idea to head to a sportswear department or sporting goods store. At Dunhams, a tennis skirt costs $29.99, an nice warm-up jacket $49.99 and a can of three tennis balls $2.99. Yoga pants are available at a variety of stores. A 12-pack of golf balls is always appreciated by a golfer.

If the mom is more of a spectator than a participant, buy her a shirt with her favorite team’s logo.

Earthy mom

This is the perfect time of year to buy flowers and plants for the garden. A gift certificate to a nursery is a good idea, said Mike Richey, Beadle Floral and Nursery manager. Customers can choose the flowers or vegetable plants they want for their gardens.

Flower baskets that can hang on the porch, deck or near an entry way are a nice gift, Richey said. At Beadle, hanging baskets filled with petunias, geraniums, mixed flowers or plants typically cost $32.45 or $35.49, depending on the size of the basket and plants.

There are many good nurseries and nursery departments at stores in Aberdeen.

Chocolate-loving mom

The Palm Garden Cafe and Chocolate Shop sells gourmet handmade chocolates that will thrill those with a sweet tooth. The shop offers varieties, such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, truffles, chocolate covered nuts and even sugar-free chocolate.

Individuals can make up their own box. Small chocolates are 39 cents, while larger ones are $1.99.

Jay Hopkins, who works at Palm Gardens, said there is also a gift shop with many presents for moms.

Natural mom

If your mom is into natural and organic products, Natural Abundance is a good shopping spot. Amanda Callisaya who works at the store, said natural beauty products are a good choice for Mother’s Day.

Avalon face and body lotion is $11.99 for 12 ounces. Badger brand products, such as massage oil ($13.49 for 4 ounces) and stress soother ($6.69 for 1 ounce), are popular gift choices, she said.

Traditional mom

A bouquet of fresh flowers is a classic gift for Mother’s Day. Aberdeen has many good places for fresh flowers. There are flowers for every price range from a few carnations to a dozen long-stemmed roses.

Fashion mom

Fashion depends on individual taste, but for some of the newest styles, Karisma Boutique is a good place. Melissa Larson, owner, said newly arrived summer dresses cost from $40 to $60. The store carries a lot of accessories. Jewelry ranges from $15 to $60 with the higher end necklaces at $60.

Stressed mom

Revive Day Spa offers many services for the stressed mother that could use a little rejuvenation. A 30-minute Swedish massage is $42. There are other massage options and prices.

A classic facial is $50. Revive offers manicures and pedicures that can make a mom feel pampered.

While Revive Day Spa is one option, there are several massage therapists and salons in the area where a stressed mom can find comfort.

Older moms

Grandmas and older mothers usually appreciate the gift of time. A long-distance phone call, a nice card with a letter tucked inside or a =visit are always appreciated. Saying “I love you” in writing or words might be the best gift of all.