Vaulted, hexagonal great room is the heart of the expansive Georgetown

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From the street, the Georgetown has the look of an expansive contemporary Georgian home. It’s all that, and more. The inner secret, barely hinted at by its central roof lines, is the vaulted hexagonal great room at its heart.

Inside, six open-beamed, pie-shaped segments rise to unite at a lofty central apex. This soaring ceiling shelters the living room, dining area, kitchen, a mini-bathroom, and about half of the vaulted entry.

The kitchen is fully open to the larger space above its two raised peninsular eating bars. The bathroom, of course, is fully enclosed. The entry is separated, but linked by openings to the kitchen and the larger space. A sliding door can close off the kitchen, when that’s desired.

The great room is awash in natural light. Stacked multipaned sections of glass crown the tall windows that fill most of the three rear walls. Above that, in the central section, even more light washes in through a symmetrical set of multipaned, triangular glass segments. This echoes the similarly shaped glassy triangles crowning the front entry.

At the rear of the Georgetown, two sets of double doors access a vaulted and covered patio that is flanked and supported by bold rounded columns. A long section of uncovered patio extends across the rear to the left of the covered area.

In the front, wide wings reach out from the left and right of the hexagonal core, giving a courtyard feel to the spaces they embrace on both sides of the vaulted porte cochere and entry. Inside, the left wing comprises the luxurious owners’ suite and den/office. Secondary bedrooms, a utility room and a two-car garage with built-in storage cabinets fill out the right wing.

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