Playing catch-up

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Hmm… What’s this on my nose and my cheeks? Could it be? Nah, no way, out of the question! But, it kind of does look like it. Haven’t seen it for so long, that I just don’t recognize it anymore. Guess, I’ll have to ask the boss. And the story goes like this…

Sunshine on my pillow

I awoke on June 13 with a start. Something had awakened me that was very new and almost scary. I tried looking around the bedroom for some clue to what had disturbed my deep slumber, but my eyes were having trouble focusing. What was this thing?

And then it hit me with a wallop! Well, for goodness sakes, it was an old friend that I hadn’t seen in ages. It was the sun streaming through my window pane with such intensity that I was almost blinded with its radiance. Praise the Lord-it was going to be a sunshiny day for a change. Hit the floor boards Janie girl; times a-wasting. If the sun’s out, get your mobile humming!

Hitting the greens

My mobile for the summer is my ever faithful green eating machine. The JD rider and I hit the greens at the Green Farm for many hours of pleasant mowing and that’s exactly what I did on the 13th of June. I had a perfectly wonderful afternoon of mowing in the sunshine with a pleasant breeze from the west. What a joy to be outside without my coveralls, hooded sweatshirt and protective fleece stocking cap.

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Oh, it was so much fun to mow the lawn in a short sleeved blouse without any headgear and catch some rays to start my summer tan. Well, maybe, it wasn’t such a good thing to start my tan because the very next morning, my nose looked like a red bugle and my cheeks were flaming red. Wouldn’t you know it, dumb me went outside without any sunscreen and got a full-fledged, old-fashioned sunburn!

And then to add insult to injury, I didn’t at first even recognize the signs of a sunburn. I looked in the bathroom mirror and glared unknowingly at the red spots on my face. Then my husband looked at me and said, “Geeze, woman. Are you dumber than a rock? If you’re going to mow all afternoon out in the hot sun; put on some sunscreen!”

Yes, dear

What could I say back to him? He was right! Oh, that one hurt, but I gotta tell ya, being out in the sun with the breeze blowing through my hair was an absolute delight. So-o-o, it looks like I’m just going to have to suffer through the trauma of a sunburn and do a little peeling of the skin. But, so what? It won’t be the first time that this has happened to this old gal.

Actually, I’m not going to mind one bit. In fact, I think that after applying a generous amount of a good protective sunscreen, I’m going to go outside and bask even longer in the sunshine with a cool lemonade and soak up some more rays.

Playing Catch-up

However, it looks like my leisurely basking in the sunshine will be short lived. The garden plants are calling for immediate rescue efforts, the flower beds need attention, fences need checking, and my new puppy dog, Tootie Two, requires daily long jogs to work off her energy.

And just like everyone else, I’m going to have to continue playing catch-up with the normal summer time activities. It was such a long winter with no spring that many usual spring things like a gradual tanning of the skin didn’t occur. But, while I’m playing catch-up, I’m going to definitely appreciate the sunshine and remember to wear my sunscreen.

Happy Summer, everyone!