Parkridge is a versatile duplex that looks like a country home

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At first glance the Parkridge looks like a roomy contemporary country home. That’s up until you notice the two front doors.

The roof of this large dwelling actually shelters two three-bedroom homes. They are fairly similar in square footage, but are laid out somewhat differently. This plan would be ideal for two families who wish to live closely but with a clear separation of space.

Or the owners might prefer to live on one side and rent out the other. Either way, both sides are quite private, due to a doubly thick wall between them, plus widely spaced patios.

Both have a railed and covered front porch and a powder room just inside the entry. In each, the garage is at the back, and a good-sized utility room fits between the garage and the G-shaped kitchen. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are upstairs.

Now for the differences. Unit A has a slightly larger garage and dining area. Its covered patio is at the rear, where it’s easily accessible from the kitchen. Natural light spills into the wide-open gathering space through two windows spaced along a long straight exterior wall.

Unit A’s G-shaped kitchen is slightly smaller than unit B’s, while its utility room and owners’ suite are larger.

Unit B has a direct entry door from the garage into the house. Its kitchen is larger and bounded by a longer eating/conversation bar. The gathering space is less rectangular because the living room’s exterior wall extends out further than the dining room wall. Sliding glass doors there open onto a covered patio on the side. The coat closet near the front entry in the Parkridge’s B unit is also a bit larger than the one in unit A.

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