Storybook Land presents this year’s original show, ‘The Wolf Who Cried Kid’

Farm Forum

This week, Storybook Land Theater presents an original production, “The Wolf Who Cried Kid.”

The play, conceived by the cast and written by director Brian T. Schultz, is the troupe’s first original show of the year.

The show will be performed on the Storybook Land Castle stage at 10 a.m. Tuesday and 7 p.m. Wednesday and Friday. All performances are free and open to the public.

Austin Vetter plays Willy Wolf, who is charged with protecting the sheep from dangerous kids during his family’s reunion. However, after several false alarms and with the threat of kids looming closer, Willy must not only protect the flock, but his family as well.

Emily Davis plays Wanda Wolf, Willy’s mother. The show also features Nick Brandt as Walter Wolf, Liz Lewno as Wilma Wolf, Chase Roesch as Wilhelm Wolf, Schultz as Wilbur Wolf, Isabella Seaton as Wendy Wolf and Paige Walth as the Kid.

Davis, 21, is in her fifth year with SBLT and will be a senior at Northern State University in the fall. She is double majoring in music and musical theater, with a certificate in arts administration.

Davis, along with Walth, is in charge of costuming the shows for the troupe. She enjoys passing along her experience to newer cast members as they get to know the ropes over their first seasons.

“It’s fun getting to teach new people what I’ve learned over my five seasons,” she said in a news release. “I like helping people learn the tricks of the trade that they need to go even further.”

Of SBLT’s original productions, she says that they never fail to be favorites with the cast and with audiences.

“Some of my most memorable experiences in SBLT were the original shows, whether they were written by Brian or created by the cast,” she said.

Former SBLT cast members have been invited back to celebrate SBLT’s 25th anniversary at the 7 p.m. Friday show. Started in 1989, SBLT has been entertaining Aberdeen every summer since.

“It’s been an honor to direct SBLT,” Schultz said in the release. “I think that it’s a special experience for everyone involved, from the actors in the troupe to every audience member that has supported SBLT through the years.”

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