With expansive glass spanning the rear walls, the Edgewater is perfect for any scenic location

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The Edgewater’s name suggests a myriad of ideal locations for construction. Wide expanses of glass spanning all of the rear walls offer panoramic views of a river, lake, stream or the ocean. Which is not to say that it wouldn’t be equally sell-suited to any scenic view site.

From the front, it gives the impression of a prairie or ranch-style home. The surprise inside is a vaulted hexagonal great room at its heart. On the floor level, a wide-hearthed masonry fireplace and chimney serve as inviting focal points.

While warming your back at the hearth, you can enjoy gazing through the wide window straight ahead, and the equally wide side windows as well. The side windows slide open to access wide decks that span the home’s rear on both sides. Shelves and a home entertainment center fill another wall.

The kitchen is also vaulted, and largely open to the great room. Cabinets, counters and appliances wrap around three sides. Natural light washes down through a skylight, and more spills in through the window in front of the sink.

Laundry appliances are nearby, just down the hallway that leads to the vaulted owners’ suite. In the bathroom, a nostalgic claw foot tub nestles near a window, and a circular shower fills a corner on the other side of the dual lavs. The suite also boasts two closets, one of them a roomy walk-in, and offers access to a large screened porch that links to one of the decks.

On the other side of the Edgewater’s great room, another wing comprises two more rooms and a covered porch. Both could be furnished as bedrooms, or one could be a home office. A solar tube brightens the shared bathroom.

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