Keeping it tart: Coffeehouse offers lemonade three different ways

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When a person is looking for ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day, a coffeehouse isn’t the first place that springs to mind.

Judy Pierson, assistant manager at Mugs the Coffee House, said the lemonade tends to be overshadowed by the coffee, so it’s not a very common order. However, it’s a much better lemonade than many people make at home, she said.

“It’s not ordered very often, but it’s actually a really good drink,” she said.

But with temperatures consistently exceeding 85 degrees this summer, cold drinks become more popular.

Like many other lemonade drinks made nowadays, the linchpin of the recipe is a powdered lemon mixture. But unlike typical lemonade mixes that are basically flavored sugar, the mix that Mugs uses is a specially ordered powder made from real lemons, Pierson said.

That gives it a sour kick that lemonade created from a store-bought mixture doesn’t have, she said.

“Real lemonade fans like it sour,” she said. “I know that a lot of people tend to view lemonade as a sweet drink, but lemonade is supposed to have some tartness to it.”

Mugs makes three different types of lemonade that can include flavoring, such as strawberry and blueberry.


To make its classic summer lemonade, Judy Pierson, assistant manager at Mugs the Coffee House, said she combines the lemon mix with warm water and pours it over ice. The key is making sure there’s enough ice to make the drink cold, but not so much to water the drink down as the ice melts, she said.


For people who prefer an even colder drink, Mugs offers a frozen lemonade, which is created by making the basic lemonade, then pouring into a blender filled with ice, Pierson said. It’s not quite as sour, but it’s ideal for a scorching summer day, she said.


The last version is warm lemonade, which is just warm water mixed with lemonade powder, no ice necessary, she said. Warm lemonade is never ordered in the summer, Pierson said, but it’s fairly popular in the wintertime among people who want a warm beverage but aren’t fans of coffee.

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