Back-to-school shopping tips

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The ads are out and the aisles are filled with back to school supplies. Mom and Dad are probably getting ready but the kids think it is too soon. It is not too soon though, to take advantage of the sales. So, how do you make it all fit your budget?

Find out how you can manage back-to-school expenses for an easier and more affordable start to the school year. Many parents dread back-to-school shopping. It’s a hassle figuring out what the kids need for the coming year and dragging them to the store. Plus, it can be expensive.

Here are a few tips for managing back-to-school expenses:

· First, calculate what you can afford without blowing your budget. Then stick to your budget.

· Then list all anticipated expenses. Look at past bills and ask other parents for suggestions.

· Ask the school which supplies you’re expected to furnish. Take inventory of last year’s supplies and see what you really need.

· Spread clothing purchases throughout the year so they don’t outgrow everything at once.

· Learn how much equipment for extracurricular activities costs. As kids get older these expenses increase.

· Take advantage of mobile shopping apps for in-store comparison shopping.

· Use this time to teach some financial tips such as needs vs. wants, peer pressure, budgets, etc.

Bottom line: Back-to-school shopping can be tedious, but with careful planning you can save time, money and aggravation.

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