Auditions Sept. 9, 10 for ACT’s final show of 2013

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On Sept. 9 and 10, Aberdeen Community Theatre will hold auditions for the final production of its 2013 season, “Becky’s New Car.”

The auditions begin at 7 p.m. each day at the Capitol Theatre, 415 S. Main St.

“Becky’s New Car” is a new comedy written by Steven Dietz about Becky Foster, who feels her life isn’t what she had hoped it would be. Her life isn’t exactly unhappy, but it has become predictable and mundane. However, her day-to-day routine is flipped upside down when Walter Flood, a charmingly quirky millionaire, presumes she is a widow and she doesn’t correct him.

“She finds herself leading a double life until it quickly and hilariously accelerates out of control,” according to ACT.

The cast consists of three women and four men, ranging in age from early 20s to mid-60s.

The three women are Becky Foster, Ginger and Kensington Flood.

Becky is charming, funny and attractive and requires a leading lady who can play 45 to 55. The actress who plays this role must have the stamina to be on stage for 90 percent of the show and the confidence to be able to constantly bring the audience into the action onstage.

Ginger is Walter’s neighbor. She is an heiress who has just about gone through all of her long-held family wealth. She is sad, funny and smart.

Kensington Flood is Walter’s daughter who is in her early 20s and rich, spoiled, cynical and brilliant.

The four men are Joe Foster, Walter Flood, Chris Foster and Steve.

Joe is Becky’s husband. He is strong, pragmatic, loves his wife and family and is significantly smarter than he gives himself credit.

Walter is a wealthy businessman. He is gentle, sweet and good hearted, but has not terribly reconnected to the real world since his wife’s death.

Chris is Joe and Becky’s college-aged son.

Steve is Becky’s middle-aged coworker. He is still grieving the loss of his wife in a hiking accident, which leaves him manic and overly emotional.

No prior experience is necessary to audition. ACT director Jim Walker encourages those who have had the interest to be onstage, but have never auditioned, to consider coming to auditions for “Becky’s New Car.”

“Our last production, ‘Doubt, a Parable,’ had a cast that was 50 percent new to ACT, and I hope we can again have some new faces in this show,” Walker said in a news release.

Those who may not be interested in acting, but would like to help backstage are encouraged to come to auditions.

Scripts are available for reading in the ACT office, 417 S. Main St. Tentative production dates are late October or early November, depending on volunteer schedules.

Those interested in auditioning or cannot make the scheduled audition times are encouraged to contact the ACT office at (605) 225-2228 or prior to the Monday auditions to arrange an alternate time.