A non-traditional duplex, the Hendrick is easily mistaken for a large country home

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If you fail to notice the two doors on the front, you might easily conclude that the Hendrick is a large country-style home. Which it is. But it’s also a non-traditional duplex.

The interior floor plans are similar, but not mirror images. Instead of the usual arrangement where garage doors face the street, these garage doors open on the left side of the home.

In each unit, a coat closet, a small bathroom and stairs are just inside the front door. C-shaped kitchens come next, backing up to each other along a shared central wall. These are open to the bright and spacious living and dining areas, across counters with flush eating bars. Natural light washes in through wide side windows, as well as wide window sets at the rear of the living room. Utility rooms are tucked in behind the kitchens, and entered from the dining area.

Unit A’s kitchen is larger, and the roomy covered patio at the rear is accessed via the dining room’s sliding doors. The pass-through utility room offers direct access to a deep garage. Unit B’s smaller covered patio is on the side, and direct entry to the garage is at the rear of the dining area, just outside the utility room.

Each has three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. Owners’ suites have walk-in closets and two-section bathrooms where the toilet and shower can be closed off for privacy and steam containment.

The Hendrick’s secondary bedrooms line up along the sides, and they share bathrooms at the rear. Each comes complete with its own towel closet plus a combination tub and shower. Roomy storage closets line the hallway across from the bedrooms.

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