Walking around the Hillview could easily take your breath away

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The Hillview is equally stunning front and back, inside and out. Columns and a lofty arch frame the front porch, which is centered in front of a soaring hexagonal roof. A stone veneer colonnade spans the rear. Lower column sections bound a wide covered patio on the basement level that wraps across three walls of the hexagonal space. On the main floor, column tops link railings that edge a similarly wide deck.

Double doors open into a richly windowed two-story entry that leads into the hexagonal great room. The circular staircase directly ahead of the entry curves up to a vaulted loft that covers half of the great room and overlooks the other half. Hidden storage lines two loft walls.

On the main floor, arched clerestory windows crown wide multipaned windows that fill most of two rear walls. A stone veneer fireplace and a home entertainment center cover most of the third.

One side of the unusually large two-section kitchen is totally open to the great room. An eating bar rims the sink’s peninsular counter, which faces into the dining area. Another eating bar rims the central work island, which also houses a pull-up mixer and a built-in ice maker. Appliances, including a large freezer, are built in.

Counters and cabinets wrap around two sides of the roomy butler’s pantry, which also has a second sink and oven. A bedroom, bathroom and utility room fill out the space behind the kitchen, while the sumptuous owners’ suite takes up most of the right wing.

A third bedroom and an exercise room extend off of the large hexagonal room on the Hillview’s basement level.

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