Excellent separation of space in the Warrendale offers key to privacy

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Multipaned windows in this contemporary country plan sparkle under a row of eye-catching gables that face the street. The Warrendale you get the proverbial two for the price of one!

This plan would be ideal for two families who want to be close but separate. Or one unit could be owner-occupied, while rental income from the other helps pay for the mortgage.

Each unit has a covered porch which spans most of its front facade. The shared garages and upper bedroom walls are doubly thick, with an added inch of air space between. Outside, covered patios on the side and rear are well out of sight and earshot of each other.

Only the upstairs bedrooms are mirror images of each other. The other living spaces are somewhat similar, but not identical. Unit B is a little larger overall, as is its first floor. Unit A has a slightly larger second floor.

In both, the living room and dining room flow together in one seamless open space that’s partly open to the kitchen across an eating bar. Views from both kitchen sinks are to the rear. A’s covered patio is on the side, accessed via sliding glass doors in the dining area. B’s covered patio is at the rear.

Both have direct access to a totally private garage. In A, entry is via the utility room. In B, entry is off of a hallway that leads to the kitchen, past a mini-bathroom and a utility alcove. A has a mini-bathroom as well, just inside the front entry.

All of the Warrendale’s bedrooms are upstairs. Each unit has an owners’ suite, a loft, secondary bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

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