Where there’s a will, there’s a way

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Just like so many others, I love the country life. But there are some things about this life that never cease to amaze me. Read on for my latest adventures at the old Rancho Grande.

Milking the situation

In my last article, I related the woes of having knee surgery and all the pain and agony that went with the trauma. Actually, it hasn’t been such a bad ordeal after all. But due to the fact that I am a wise woman of some advanced age with lots of farming type experience, I milked the situation for all it was worth.

Oh, it was so much fun to have the fellows make a few meals, wash a few loads of clothes, clear the breakfast, dinner, and supper tables, and even feed my bottle babies. I was just too indisposed to do these things. Ah-h-h me…sigh.

But there was one chore that I couldn’t get out of doing no matter what I said or how much I groaned. Guess what that wonderful annual chore just happened to be? Yep, you’re right—Old Janie Girl had to help get the cows and calves to pasture.

Ya know, it never ceases to amaze me that the guys can’t get along without me when it comes to the Big Jobs. I guess you could call this job security for me; however, due to my delicate condition, things were done a bit differently this time.

Queen for a Day

Now the boys assured me that they would make sure I was in complete comfort and that my knee would not me bumped or harmed in any manner. They said it would be a breeze for me. Some breeze—not. I do have to give them some credit for their ingenuity. For they corralled me in an empty clean calf pen complete with a good sturdy chair, a straw bale, the cooler with the calf shots, my calf and cow book, and a fresh bottle of water—all the comforts of home.

My knee was indeed safe from harm and if it started aching, why, the men told me that all I had to do was swing my owie leg up on the straw bale and apply an ice pack from the cooler. What more could a woman ask for? I could think of a lot of things, but I’ll leave that scenario for another time. Humpf!

They called me the “Queen for a Day” sitting on my royal throne calling out cow and calf numbers for each new load heading to the different pastures. I have to admit that it was certainly more convenient this year to have my notebook spread out on the straw bale desk for easy reading and writing. Included on my bale desk were also the syringes, medicine cooler, extra tags and ear tagger which were all strategically placed for easy access. My only complaint was that every time they needed the syringe, I had to get up off my chair and hand it to them. Uffdah, Loola! That was the ouchy part.

For anyone who has ever had knee surgery, getting up and down off a chair is the hardest part. Oh, my, it was a struggle. I was pooped by the end of the day, but we got the job done and that’s all that mattered. Happy cows and happy calves to grass. Yes! And speaking of happy….

Next year I’m going to remember how nicely I was treated by the menfolk and fake a knee injury or something like it because this year’s job was a snap compared to my usual job of being right in the mix of sorting cows and calves. We farm women get smarter every year; for some of us it has just taken longer.

Where there’s a will…

As I stated previously, the fellows made it convenient for me and kept me happy and content because they needed me. I believe they proved once again the truth to the old saying that “where there’s a will; there’s a way.”

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