1970 Ford F100: Recollections of family

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“The first truck I ever owned was a new 1970 Ford F100,” Jason Javaras recalls. “It served our family well for more than 20 years.”

Ford Motor Company was established June 16, 1903, and almost from the beginning, more than a century ago, Ford has been manufacturing trucks. Most trucks, be they large or small, are destined for a life of labor. The majority of trucks are used or abused, so consequently very few of them survive.

One particular F100 pickup, an early model, was initially sold by the Thomas Motor Corporation in Floyd, Va., on September 30, 1960 for $3,188.18.

The original owner negotiated a price discount for the truck in addition to trading in a 1954 Chevrolet truck at the time of the purchase. When all was said and done, the final price was $2,500.

Evidently, the Ford pickup received good care for four decades, although its ownership during that time remains a mystery. The man who owned the Ford in 2010 took it to the Frederick County swap meet in Virginia where it was offered for sale.

It was there where Javaras, by chance, happened to see the truck. He hadn’t gone to the swap meet with the intention of buying a truck, but this pickup seemingly was reaching out to him.

He couldn’t resist the allure of the Ford. He says it appealed to him because of the similarity to the first truck he owned 40 years before. Javaras was informed by the seller that the Sport Custom Styleside pickup with a 6.5-foot-long bed had languished in a warehouse for at least 15 years before the current owner had purchased the truck and prepared it for resale.

The odometer on the old Ford had recorded only 38,000 miles, and from the overall condition of the vehicle, Javaras believed that mileage figure to be accurate. Most everything on the truck was in great condition, including the Boxwood Green and Wimbledon White two-tone paint scheme.

Under the expansive engine hood is a 360-cubic-inch V-8 delivering 215 horsepower. With 327 lb.-ft. of torque, the truck can easily handle virtually any task. The three-speed transmission is controlled by a column-mounted shift lever. The truck is fitted with an 11-inch clutch.

“The F100 was delivered with no power options,” Javaras says, “but it did include an AM radio and a heater.”

He reports that his truck also came with seat belts from the factory. When seated in the spacious, well-appointed cab behind the deep-dish steering wheel, Javaras enjoys a car-like ride thanks to the 115-inch wheelbase. He says visibility is outstanding and the twin outrigger mirrors afford a clear view to the rear.

Most of the trim and brightwork on the 1970 truck is in excellent condition including both bumpers. Javaras says the dual exhaust system that presently is on his truck was installed by the previous owner but he has no intention of removing it.

The incorrect wheels that were on the truck when he took delivery have been replaced with original wheels and new 15-inch white sidewall radial tires have been mounted, which improves both handling and ride quality.

“It only needed the usual belts, hoses, battery and tune-up to make it run as new,” says the happy owner.

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