Enjoying the bird seed

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Some of the best things in life are free and very gratifying. Such things as taking a long leisurely walk, listening to bird songs, laughing at a good joke, enjoying a spirited conversation with friends, smiling at each other, dreaming about a favorite food, hugging close friends, enjoying a rainy day are just a few things that come to mind. None of these things cost a cent, but they do take a little of our time to accomplish.

And there it is—that nagging word Time, which disturbs the peaceful picture I was trying to paint for you readers. What a bummer! It just seems we never have enough time to do these extra special free things. Or do we? Maybe we need to make and take some time, and that’s exactly what I did this past week. And am I ever glad I did!! And the story goes like this.

A trip to the Birdfeeder

As I stated before, taking a long walk is a great freebie experience, but so is taking a long leisurely drive through the countryside with someone else at the steering wheel. It only took two years for me to finally to accept my dear friends’ invitation to dine at the famous Birdfeeder in Twin Brooks, SD. I so enjoyed this chauffeured drive to the little city with several of my close friends. Oh, the spirited conversations, the great jokes, and the never-ending laughter were such a joy on this rainy afternoon as we traveled down the road.

Naturally one’s friends always know how to tickle our funny bone which left us all smiling as we scurried through the raindrops to the café entrance. What a delightful setting for a café amongst the huge shade trees and the beautifully kept lawns and flowers and delightful lawn ornaments. But as I stepped inside the place, well, I thought I was in a dream land. I love old restored buildings, I love antiques, I love artsy-craftsy decorations, I love the smell of good food, and I love friendly hostesses. The Birdfeeder had it all.

And besides all this good stuff, inside the café were seated several more of my friends who had arrived earlier waiting patiently to help me celebrate my birthday. Hugs went all around and then came the part that I’m still dreaming about—the food. It was positively de-li-cious! Starting with the pea soup and ending with coconut cream pie with summer salads, wonderful sandwiches, yummy treats, frosted mugs of raspberry ice tea, and bird seed in between. Uffdah!

Try some bird seed

What? You question the part about the bird seed! Well, since this is the Birdfeeder and we were surrounded with bird paraphernalia everywhere you looked; bird seed had to be included on the menu. And it was, but in a most ingenious manner.

You see, the hostesses served each guest with a little silver bowl plum full of seeds and nuts instead of mints and nuts. We all dug into the seeds which whetted our appetites for the next course. I certainly enjoyed the unique flavor of the bird seeds so much so that I even slipped a few seeds into the convenient carry home box the hostess provided for us.

The Year of the Owl

It should be noted that each year a different bird is featured at the Birdfeeder. This year the café is featuring the Owl. How appropriate for me since I was a teacher for many years at the school home of the Henry Owls. Clever owl plaques and owl figurines were scattered profusely throughout our dining area and brought back many fond school day memories.

Of course, I had to purchase a few clever craft items that were offered for sale and just as we were leaving, voile, another wonderful freebie thing happened. My dear friend Joann, who I had not seen for ages, came into the Birdfeeder. We quickly talked, laughed, giggled and smiled profusely. What a gift to see this gal who I only get to visit with on very rare occasions anymore. Naturally, since time was running short for all of us, I made a firm promise to call Joann and catch up on the latest.


Dear readers: I hope you enjoyed this latest saga and reflect on its message. Please remember to make some time to enjoy the best things in life which are free. And while you’re at it, why not try something new like bird seed and/ or visiting a friend whom you haven’t seen for a while.

Oh, that reminds me. Joann, are you going to be home next Saturday?

Jane Green and her husband, Jim, live near Clark. Contact Jane for some public speaking, to order one of her books, or to register your comments. E-mail her at: jgreen@itctel.com.