New jobs and social media

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People looking for a job have been given advice on the use of social media. They generally keep it very tight while searching. But, how about the people who have recently been hired? You don’t want to make the mistake of putting everything you want on at that point in life. Here are some tips on maintaining your social media after you have been hired.

• It is advised not to friend bosses right away. This can lead to trouble down the road.

• Don’t delete old co-workers unless there is a very good reason. You may be a team member down the road.

• Don’t brag up your success. It is always best to keep your salary, bonus, or commission private, especially when it comes to social media! You should also keep how your interview went to yourself. If you really want a close friend to know how it went, just pick up the phone and tell him. Keep it off of social media.

• Do not bash a former employer, job, or employees. You may give future employees thoughts on how you handle situations. Never make comparisons, whether it is good or bad! It is best to say nothing at all.

• Work time should not be used for social media. Some jobs have it as part of the job description, while at others its use is not allowed or at least frowned upon. Know your employers policy ahead of time. Either way, it is still not a good idea to be constantly checking it during work hours.

• Do not use work computers for checking your social media. Most technology departments will discourage this because of security threats. To be safe, do not use your employer-supplied equipment to check social media, even if you are doing so during your off hours.

Proceed with caution before adding new co-workers as friends. Proceed with caution and connect with colleagues after you consider them a very good friend. You don’t want your personal life out there for all co-workers to know. Remember that whatever gets posted is like putting it on the front page of the newspaper.

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