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Hubby and I were driving around recently, checking crops and cows and just plain taking it easy. Our small grain harvest was finally done; the straw baling finished; and now, maybe just maybe, we could have a little down time before starting the silage season and row crops.

Down time, did I say! Down time on a farm; what’s that? Why, oh why, did I ever consent to take a drive with him and check the crops and the cows? Didn’t I realize that a leisurely drive with him always included some kind of work? I ought to have known better. Dumb, dumb woman, Jane, but read on for what happened.

Well, actually, I wasn’t completely dumb. You see, before entering the passenger side of the pickup cab, I made one thing perfectly clear. If I consented to take a drive with him, I was not getting out of the cab under any circumstances, nor was I opening any bloomin’ gates for him. I was only riding along to keep him company and enjoy the country side. He agreed to my dictum and then it happened.

There’s gold in them there hills

We were cruising along the north side of the stubble field, surveying the landscape and then I saw it and hollered, “Stop!”

He jammed on the brakes and I quickly stumbled out of the cab and made a mad dive for what proved to be a great find! Oh, my, was I excited.

“Look at them! Can you believe it? I thought they were all dead!”

“What is it this time, woman?” was his dead pan response. “Did you find another one of your rocks with personality or what?”

“Plums! Can’t you see them? The bushes are loaded with plums! Just look at all of them!”

Well, I didn’t have to say the word plums a third time. My dear one told me to hop to it and start picking! Which I did until it started raining and the wind began blasting me with its wild fury. Durn the luck. I had found gold in them there hills, and now the ruby nuggets would be lost to the wind and Mother Nature. Sob!

Sadly, we drove away from the plum thicket and headed for home in a wind-swept torrential rain storm. Both of us were left with visions of plum jelly still dancing in our heads and our saliva juices flowing. The glorious ruby red plums were right there for the picking and we were going to lose them to the elements.

Never fear, Green is here

Most of the time the weather gets a body down and wins the fight; but not this time. For my dearly beloved came up with a neat plan and saved the day. He cunningly coerced a friend to help with the plum picking by bribing him with a plum jelly reward. Naturally, this was an easy bribe because anyone who has ever enjoyed fresh plum jelly would have given into the urge to help pick plums also.

The plan included the fellows heading out the very next morning with husband Jim at the helm of the loader tractor and our friend riding in the bucket. Due to the previous day’s strong winds, many of the reachable plums were tossed to the ground and lost to the wildlife. But via the use of the loader tractor and a little climbing prowess on the part of our friend, the menfolk were able to rescue several buckets full of precious plums from the top most branches.

So, I’m very happy to report that I am now the proud recipient of this glorious rosy bounty rescued from Mother Nature’s clutches. I realize that it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, but even she would have to admit that fresh plum jelly is a real treat. Yum!

What about that Dictum?

By now, some of you readers are probably asking if I still thought it was a dumb idea to go for a drive with my hubby, and what happened to your dictum, Jane. Well, my dictum or command to my husband fortunately went by the wayside. And it certainly wasn’t a dumb idea to accompany him and do a little work. Just think… If I hadn’t gone for a drive and then gotten out of the pickup—we wouldn’t have found all these glorious plums to enjoy. What a blessing.

Dictums, I guess like so many other things, are meant to be broken in the course of living a good life. And along this line of thinking, I want to share a phrase about a good life with you readers. It was recently sent to me by a friend. I hope its meaning touches you like it touched me.

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are for what you have. (Author unknown)

Jane Green and her husband, Jim, live near Clark. Contact Jane for some public speaking, to order one of her books, or to register your comments. E-mail her at: jgreen@itctel.com.