1960 Corvette: The cozy cockpit

Staff reports
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Back in 1953, it took awhile for Chevrolet’s new Corvette to catch on. During the first year of production the total number of Corvettes produced was only 315.

The popularity of the car slowly grew as Chevrolet made a steady progression of improvements. During the 1960 model year, the 10,000 unit barrier was finally eclipsed when 10,281 Corvettes were sold.

More than 50 years later one of those 1960 Corvettes ended up at an antique car dealership in Springfield, Ohio where it was advertised for sale. Nasser Almasary of Chantilly, Va., saw the ad for the car and was so impressed he arranged a trip to inspect the Corvette.

Upon arrival in Springfield, he immediately saw that the silver Corvette was everything the ad had promised. The coves on the sides of the 1960 Corvettes were often painted a contrasting color, but the coves on this car matched the rest of the car.

When new the 2,840-pound Corvette rode on 6.70×15-inch white sidewall tires that supported the car on a 102-inch wheelbase. Each wheel is capped with a faux knock-off wheel cover. In 1960 the base price was $3,872.

The decision to purchase the Corvette was quickly made and the deal was done in June 2012. Almasary returned home to anxiously await delivery of his car.

Under the engine hood of the fiberglass car is a 283-cubic-inch V-8 engine that delivers power to the rear wheels via an automatic transmission. The floor-mounted gear selector has gears from the front to rear of: Low, Drive, Neutral, Reverse, Park.

Sharing space on the console between the bucket seats is a clock. The instrument cluster houses a 150-mph speedometer in addition to a 7,000-rpm tachometer with a red line of 5,000 rpm.

Positioned atop the dashboard in the red interior is the rearview mirror. Even the three-spoke steering wheel is red. The convertible top is white and holds a plastic rear window.

To the driver’s left is the parking brake handle. In order to conserve space in the cozy cockpit, traditional door handles have been replaced by round knobs that, with a sliding motion, can open the doors. The windows, however, still are operated with hand cranks.

The exterior of the Corvette is smooth-looking as indicated with the four headlights and the grille opening with nine vertical chrome-plated “teeth” concluding at the rear of the car at the covered tail/brake lights.

Chrome trim on the trunk lid of earlier Corvettes had been eliminated on the 1960 models. The dual exhaust pipes exit through the chrome bumperettes on each rear fender.

When Almasary initially acquired his Corvette the odometer indicated that it had been driven 53,700 miles. Since then he has added an additional 1,300 miles, pleased at every mile with the view through the wraparound windshield.

“I’ve enjoyed it from the outset,” a satisfied Almasary exclaims.

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