Outdoor living spaces figure prominently in the Cordell

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The Cordell is best described as a small home designed as a vacation retreat. Simple wooden posts support a wide covered porch that spans the front and transitions to a deck bounding the entire right side. Durable metal roofing adds color and textural variety.

A rustic wooden handrail goes the distance, breaking only for the front entry. The front porch is an ideal location for a porch swing, while the side deck provides privacy for outdoor dining, sunbathing and other relaxing pursuits. Families with toddlers could further enclose this space to create a large, safely contained outdoor play area for the little ones.

Entering, you step into a large vaulted great room outfitted with a freestanding woodstove. Kitchen and nook are to the left, bounded by a half wall and overhead plant shelf. Natural illumination washes in through wide windows on two walls, and more spills down through a threesome on the second level.

Working at the kitchen sink, you can converse with family members in the great room, or appreciate views of the changing seasons through double windows facing both the street and the side deck. Sink, stove and refrigerator are laid out in a step-saving triangle, and counters wrap around three sides. Laundry appliances are close by, hidden behind folding doors.

Smooth wooden railings rim the open stairway that ascends to the loft and a bathroom with a tub. Two easily accessible attic storage spaces flank the loft.

One of the Cordell’s bedrooms offers direct access to the deck through French doors. Abundant light here also makes this room ideal for use as an art studio. In the other bedroom, a walk-in closet boosts available storage space.

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