Kick off the 30 Day Protein Challenge with beef

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PIERRE — May is Beef Month, and what better way to kick off the month than with the 30 Day Protein Challenge?

The 30 Day Protein Challenge was created by the Beef Checkoff Program and encourages consumers to include protein-rich foods at every meal.

“The 30 Day Protein Challenge puts beef checkoff research to work by creating free online tools that are easy to use. These tools help people learn why and how to better spread their protein needs more evenly throughout the day while staying within their calorie goals,” said Holly Swee, RD, LN, South Dakota Beef Industry Council (SDBIC) director of nutrition and consumer information. “From a science perspective, this health challenge has a lot of protein research backing it that has evolved over the years. In my professional opinion, this challenge really hits on all the important aspects of a working checkoff, including utilizing research, education and promotion all in one.”

On the website, consumers can pledge to be a part of the challenge, where they will receive email updates for inspiration, motivation, recipe ideas, and suggestions for getting protein at every meal. The site also includes tools for tracking, tips for staying on plan, and beef meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Beef is a high-quality animal protein that contains all the essential amino acids that are also easily absorbed,” said Swee. “Significant research shows that some people can lose and/or maintain a healthy weight, support a healthy metabolism and age more vibrantly when they consume more high-quality protein within their calorie goals. The nice thing about this free protein challenge is once you have signed up, it will provide you with helpful tools and a quick email every day for 30 days which include tips, advice, inspiration and beef recipes to help keep you on track.”

A 3-ounce serving of beef provides about 25 grams of protein and 10 essential nutrients for about 150 calories, which makes it the perfect fit for the 30 Day Protein Challenge.

During May Beef Month, the SDBIC will have several activities on social media to help consumers get involved with the 30 Day Protein Challenge, which can be followed throughout the year. Follow SDBIC on Facebook for Beef Month activities, Team BEEF SD updates, beef promotions with local retailers, and more.