I need a time out

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What happened to the month of September? How can it already be October? I haven’t had time to think about or enjoy the warm breezes and contemplate about all the neat things that have been happening lately. Good grief! I think I need a time out! And the story goes like this…

South Dakota farm family touchdown highlights

Maybe I’ve been watching too much football lately, but I would sure like to take a time out like the football teams do. I want to do an instant replay of the wonderful activities that occurred in farm country during the month of September. Our farm families scored some outstanding touch down plays and I just have to write about the highlights.

The first touchdown highlight

The first highlight was the Century Farm and Ranch Recognition Program at the South Dakota State Fair. Our own family was honored to be part of this program on Thursday, September 3, 2015. South Dakota Farm Bureau along with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture sponsors this program each year to honor the grassroots families who have been caring for the land for 100 years or more.

Even though it was hotter than blazes on that Thursday morning, some sixty plus family groups lined up at the Dakota Land stage to receive their Century Farm recognition, along with some 40+ families who received their 125 Year Farm & Ranch recognition.

The best part of the program for my hubby and me was listening to the outstanding stories that were shared. As each proud farm family group stepped upon the stage, one or more family members came to the microphone for a brief moment of telling their story. And were there ever some doozies told! The struggles and sacrifices of our South Dakota forebears were amazing!

Naturally, space does not provide for the telling of all the stories, but of utmost importance at this event, was the verification of the strong pioneering spirit of our South Dakota families. Each family group was justifiably proud of maintaining land ownership from one generation to the next and it showed on every face present despite the 100+ temperature.

To commemorate the event, each family was presented a certificate from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and a decorative metal sign plus a family photo from the South Dakota Farm Bureau. All family members were treated to a delicious free meal. Talk about a great day!

The second touchdown highlight

The second touchdown highlight for South Dakota farm families was the numerous county fairs, threshing shows, tractor pulls, and class reunions. I know that there have been class reunions, fairs and shows throughout the summer, but the month of September had an abundance of good ones.

I would like to pay special note to this year’s Andover Steam Threshing Show. I’m paying special notice to this event because my hubby drove his beloved 530 John Deere tractor in the parade both Saturday and Sunday and showed off its shiny yellow and green exterior. Maybe you’re thinking that I am making too much hoopla about this occurrence.

But you see, by hoopla, I’m referring to the “what” and the “whom” it required to get that 530 John Deere tractor ready for the parade. Oh, my goodness! The washing and the polishing and the checking things over definitely took a lot of oomph. We even hired another farm gal to help us with the washing and polishing part of the project and well, it took hours and hours. But, I guess, we really shouldn’t complain.

Because, you see, we only got around to getting one tractor ready for the parade; some farm families had numerous tractors and steam engines and old cars and old farm implements in the parade. But that’s what’s great about farm families; they work hard and enjoy what they do.

One more highlight

Oh, that reminds me of one more highlight. At the Andover Show, I especially enjoyed some good old-time accordion music played by a local country musician whose name escapes me at the moment. Anyway, he was outstanding and in classic South Dakota fashion, satiated my musical requests with his rendition of “The Blue Skirt Waltz” and “The Beer Barrel Polka.” Did those tunes ever bring back memories of days gone by and definitely scored a touchdown highlight for me and a number of other music admirers. Ah-h-h, the memories…

Please take a time out

Well, it looks like my time out is over. The boss is calling me to get back in the game of farm work. Hope you enjoyed my instant replay activities of this past September.

Please farm families, in all seriousness, stay safe during this busy harvest season. Take a time out often for it will help you to regroup, to recover, and to recharge for a touchdown victory harvest. Remember that we need every farm family member alive and kicking on the South Dakota playing field.

Jane Green and her husband, Jim, live near Clark. Contact Jane for some public speaking, to order one of her books, or to register your comments. E-mail her at: jgreen@itctel.com.