Ipswich volunteers come through during fire at farm

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We had a fire the other day at the K-farm. No mysterious cause. It was lit by this aging writer and, without a little diligence on my part, my burn barrel fire somehow escaped the burn barrel and roared through our shelterbelt and the high grass in a tree grove. At first, I tried to stamp it out, but the flames were too high and it quickly developed into an old-fashioned prairie fire.

So an urgent call was made to the Ipswich Volunteer Fire Department. And were they prompt to respond. Within minutes they were on the scene with their water trucks and, in record time, they had the fire out. There was some mopping up to do because some of the dead trees in the shelterbelt had caught fire and had to be extinguished.

It is worthy to mention the unselfish way these talented volunteers came to our rescue. We are in their debt to these volunteers who drop whatever task they are doing at the moment to come to our needs and so quickly put out this very dangerous fire.

There must have been five or six fire trucks and at least 10 or 12 volunteers who deserve only praise and admiration for their talents to fight an unruly fire.

It must be asked: Where do we get such dedicated and helpful people who rush to a fire that could become rather tragic if allowed to continue to burn?

We are so fortunate to live in a community that has these quality folks residing in it. It is not by accident that these folks, who selflessly offer their talents to their fellow man, become so well-trained and willing to offer help whenever it is needed.

I introduced myself to each of them, but cannot for the life of me remember their names. Many of these quality individuals were young men.

It was amazing to watch them attack the fire with such gusto. One part of this calamity was headed for another tree grove and, before it could reach those trees, a truck with a fellow in the back handling a rather large water hose quickly extinguished that part of the fire. My goodness does that truck put out the volume of water.

Another truck attacked the burning trees. Now that machine is a spectacle to watch. It has this device on the front of the truck and this enormous amount of water comes spraying out of this orifice. And it is directionally controlled from the cab of the truck. Nothing — and I mean nothing — could withstand this onslaught of water coming from the front of the truck. The tree fires were instantly put out without even any smoke left.

Naturally, we received a bill for this professional job of firefighting, and why shouldn’t we? Could we have got that prairie fire under control by ourselves? Absolutely not. Our hands, and perhaps a gunny sack soaked with water, would have been the only firefighting device available to us alone.

So a heartfelt thank you goes out to the Ipswich Volunteer Fire Department and to each of its members. We will be forever grateful.

Nuff said.

Gerald “Jerry” Krueger is a retired educator, coach, commercial pilot and farmer.