Memorial Day Ponderances

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Dear Readers:

I am suffering from a disease called writer’s block. Believe it or not, old Janie girl has run out of things to write about. Nothing comes to my distracted mind that has any merit to it and that I think you readers might find interesting. Nothing seems to jell into a topic for me and initiate inspirational thoughts for ponderance.

Oops! Evidently, according to my computer’s thesaurus, ponderance isn’t a word, but hopefully, you all get my point. I want my writing to cause you readers to ponder deeply and think earnestly about the subject matter. Hmm? So-o-o what should I write about?

Maybe I should write about my recent battle failures with the dandelions. “Yuck!” I say to myself. “Who wants to read about dandelions? Everyone fights those beastly things.”

Or maybe I should expound upon this spring’s wild weather extremes; for instance, the north wind, the cold rain, the west winds, the very hot temperatures, the fire dangers, the sleet, the hail, the May snows, and last but not least the awful tornadic south- east winds. Yuck, yuck and more yuck. Let’s move on to something more pleasant.

Okay, how about if I write my reflections on the recent graduation celebrations that I attended? My reflections are: they were great fun time affairs to attend, and I am ever so glad that someone else had to pay the bills and do the work. ‘Nuff said!

So-o-o what should I write about? Well, readers, it’s time for me to stop being facetious and get to the point of this article. Let me explain further…

I actually did not have a writer’s block, but was merely trying to make a reference to another type of mind block. Some of our U.S. citizens have blocked out the true purpose and meaning of Memorial Day. They have forgotten why we celebrate this day.

The following is a brief reminder of why we observe this important holiday each year and why it is personally very significant to me. And the story goes like this…

Memorial Day

This year Memorial Day will be celebrated on May 30, 2016. It is a federal holiday in the United States, and it is observed every year on the last Monday of May. This holiday originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War, and its purpose was to remember the people who died while serving in our country’s armed forces. It is a day to decorate with flowers the graves of those fallen war heroes.

Along with decorating the graves of those who died in service to our country for Memorial Day, the American Legion Auxiliary has also promoted the red paper poppy program. The donations from the sale of these paper poppies go directly to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans.

Each year before Memorial Day, our local Legion Auxiliary makes red paper poppy plates to distribute and raise funds for our disabled veterans. It is a time that we women in some small part can help show our respect and appreciation for all who have served our country.

Meeting a special veteran

Veterans hold a very special place in my heart. I am married to a veteran. I have numerous uncles, cousins, friends and great uncles who have served our country. And last month while at the doctor’s office, I met a very special older veteran who was proud of his service to our country.

We were seated in the doctor’s waiting room. While there, hubby and I couldn’t help but notice an older distinguished gentleman wearing a very colorful Veteran’s cap. Neither of us could quite make out what was printed on his cap. We knew it said Veteran, but Veteran of what war or what conflict? He appeared to be too mobile and too agile to be a WWII veteran. Hmm?

At one point, the gentlemen got up to leave the room and when he returned, he walked right in front of us. We could then clearly see that his cap was imprinted with the army insignia, “World War II Veteran.”

Immediately I stuck out my hand and addressed him with the words, “Sir, may I shake your hand?”

And he proudly replied, “Certainly.” And then added while shaking my hand, “On this date in 1946, I was serving in Germany. I will be 90 years old on my next birthday.”

Oh, I so wish I could have talked further with him about his war experiences, but at that moment, he was called to his doctor’s appointment and I was called to mine.

Durn the luck. I know that I missed out on a good story. But, whether I missed out on a good story or not, both hubby and I felt that we had experienced something quite extraordinary. You see, we had had the privilege of meeting and in a small way, honoring a living WWII Veteran.


Hopefully, this ponderance article has illuminated a bright light on the significance of Memorial Day and the contributions of our armed forces. It was my humble attempt to unblock the masses’ mind set and urge them to observe this federal holiday as it was first intended.

In any case, please buy some red paper poppies, decorate the graves of your loved ones, and show your appreciation for our country’s armed forces.

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