Current prices for antiques

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Current prices are recorded from antiques shows, flea markets, sales and auctions throughout the United States. Prices vary in different locations because of local economic conditions.

Bottle stopper, kissing couple, carved wood, push lever, heads turn and kiss, Anri, c. 1950, 61/2 inches, $20

Fairy lamp, Fenton, dogwood, domed, glass center, folded rim base, Burmese, 6 inches, $70.

Store sign, Ice Cream 5 Cents, ice cream cone shaped, impressed lettering, copper, c. 1920, 14 x 6 inches, $160.

Parian doll, dancing woman, red lace dress, revolves on lead base, pull string, Germany, 9 inches, $235.

Wrought-iron gate, stylized peacock feathers, architectural, 2 doors, c. 1900, 45 x 45 inches, $360.

Donald Duck figurine, golfing, checkered hat, swinging club, Disney, c. 1947, 8 inches, $950.

Sewing box, musical, empire, satinwood, hinged serpentine dome lid, swing handle, 1800s, 3 x 8 inches, $1,020.

Toy Bicycle Riders, three racers, striped shirts, tin lithograph, round track, mechanical, France, c. 1900, 91/2 inches, $1,770.

Perfume bottle, airplane-shaped, atomizer, enameled glass and chrome metalwork, 1930s, 7 inches, $2,460.

Lounge chair, fried-egg shape, teak and upholstery, Hans Olsen, asymmetrical, 1956, 41 inches, $6,880.