Perfect timing

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Sometimes we truly need to listen to our inner voices. Those soft little voices which whisper in our ears to do things that we normally wouldn’t do. Maybe it isn’t an actual human voice that we hear, but instead a thought, a notion, or a strong urging that suddenly pops into our head. Whatever one wants to call it—all of us have had such a phenomenon occur in our lifetime. Right? Right!

Call me crazy, koo-koo, or out-of-my-tree, but recently I not only listened to this inner voice—I did exactly what it said to do! And am I ever so glad that I did! Read on for the adventure…

Super-duper things

Authorities try to tell us that the super-duper unexpected special things which happen in our lives occur by coincidence or simply by chance. I, on the other hand, know for certain that these super-duper special things happen for a reason and that they often include the influence of perfect timing from a higher source. Let me explain.

A trip to Redfield

The date was Sunday, July 10. It had rained overnight, and I awoke to a beautiful morning and celebrated this event by attending church and singing my praises and thanks to the Lord.

With the welcome rain and after listening to a great sermon, I found myself in a very good mood. And then on the drive home from church, my inner voice began broadcasting loudly that hubby and I should go to Redfield, S.D. Redfield? Why Redfield, I queried?

The voice didn’t answer me, but instead kept insisting that I needed to go to Redfield. Okay, I thought, I had been planning for some time to go to Redfield and visit their antique store – the Spink County Mercantile – and deliver some of my Plain Jane’s Misadventures Volume III books and also peruse any of their “new” antique treasures.

Be still my heart! Maybe just maybe the store had located a rare piece of Tiara glassware for me! And maybe just maybe my dear inner voice was giving me a hot tip to go and scoop it up immediately! How exciting!

A little womanly coercion

My hubby wasn’t too thrilled about taking a drive to Redfield on a Sunday afternoon, but he relented when I said that I would take him out for dinner. Besides, I told him about delivering the books and added that we could stop at his friend’s house and inquire about a problem that hubs had been having with one of his two-cylinder tractors.

Ah, yes, the mere mention of visiting with one of his two-cylinder cronies tipped the scales in my favor. We were off and running in no time flat.

Perfect timing

After stopping for a short time at his friend’s home, we didn’t arrive in Redfield until about 2 p.m. By that time, our stomach muscles were groaning loudly, so we headed directly across town to the DQ. Fortunately, we parked right by the front door between two vehicles from out-of-town. We noted that one of the vehicles was from Colorado and the other was from Virginia. How interesting.

We were both still talking about the out- of- town vehicles as we placed our order at the counter. I gave my order first and with hearing the sound of my voice, a commotion occurred in the building. Some woman was quickly coming toward me exclaiming, “Jane, is that you?”

I turned around and screamed! I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, right in front of me, stood my dear college roommate, Darla, all the way from Tennessee! It had been many years since I had seen her and all we could do was hug each other and make a scene at the store. Good thing this is South Dakota where they don’t arrest ladies for screaming and disturbing the peace.

Darla later told me that she had been a little hesitant about approaching me at first because she just saw me from a side view. After asking her husband Doug if this was really Jane, she noticed my hubby’s ever present green and yellow John Deere suspenders and she knew for sure that it had to be her dear old friends.

Oh, it was glorious! Let me tell you. Darla and I talked and giggled and reminisced. And as the story of this chance meeting continued to unfold, that perfect timing from a higher source revealed itself in full glory. Some super-duper unexpected special things do happen for a reason. Darla and I were supposed to meet and greet – it was predestined.

The rest of the story

Darla and her husband Doug were vacationing in South Dakota with their youngest son from Virginia, their daughter, and several of their young grandchildren. They had been at a family reunion with Darla’s side of the family and then had come to Redfield to visit with Doug’s mother and his side of the family, including his sister and brother-in-law who hailed from Colorado. Hm? Those out-of-town vehicles belonged to whom? Yup! You guessed it – Darla and Doug’s family.

But the most interesting part of this whole saga involved the timing of events on this eventful Sunday afternoon.

1. Doug and Darla and family had earlier enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant in Redfield.

2. After dinner, they had thought about going to the DQ for ice cream.

3. But instead, the grandchildren wanted to first see where Grandpa Doug had played Legion Ball.

4. After visiting the ballpark, they had talked about going out to Doug’s parents’ farm.

5. But before going to the farm, great-grandma wanted ice cream, so to the DQ the Darla and Doug family went.

6. Then likewise, Hubs and I were also hungry for an ice cream treat and headed for the DQ.

7. And so, that’s why we all met up at the same place at the exact same time.


Hopefully, you readers followed and understood the unusual course of events which took place for Jane and Darla to get together. It was a super-duper unexpected special event for we two old chums.

With that thought in mind, please, please, please listen to your inner voices because “God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform” and He does so with perfect timing!

Jane Green and her husband, Jim, live near Clark. Contact Jane for some public speaking, to order one of her books, or to register your comments. Email her at