4-Her encourages other to ‘Share the Harvest’

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It’s harvest time across South Dakota – in both the grain field and people’s backyard gardens.

Korbin Leddy, 12, and his family near Milbank, S.D., are avid gardeners and often have more fresh produce than their family of five can eat. They will can some of their garden items, but they also donate surplus tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and other produce to friends, their local church or their local Milbank food pantry.

Leddy, who has helped his 4-H club coordinate food drives for their local food pantry for several years, would like to encourage others to think about donating extra garden produce to local organizations as well.

Leddy says, “Most often we think of doing food drives at Christmas time, which is important. But it’s important to donate to the food pantry year-round. In August and September when we have a surplus of fresh vegetables from our gardens, the food pantry is a great place to donate extra items to.” He also notes that such donations provide a fresh and healthy offering for individuals who rely on the food pantry.

Leddy has established a Facebook page to promote this effort, and is issuing a challenge to other youth across the state to donate fresh produce to their local food pantry, church or school. Individuals ages 18 and younger who post a photo of themselves with their donation at Share the Harvest_SD on Facebook will have the opportunity to win a $25 dollar iTunes gift card. Photos must be posted by Sept. 30 and must show the individual with their donation in the location where they are making their donation such as a food pantry, church, or school. The post should also list the number of items donated (i.e. 2 dozen tomatoes and 8 cucumbers). The three individuals donating the largest number of items will each be contacted and receive an iTunes gift card for their efforts.

Through this challenge, Leddy hopes more people across the state will get to enjoy fresh, homegrown garden produce. And, he hopes that it will plant a seed with young people to continue volunteering and donating to worthy causes in their local communities.

Leddy is a six year member of the Madison Jr. Livestock 4-H Club in Grant County. He will be a seventh grader at Milbank Middle School. Learn more about his project at Share the Harvest_SD on Facebook.