Laughter is good medicine

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Monday mornings can be a real drag sometimes. But on one particular Monday morning, things changed in a hurry. And the story goes like this….

Laughter changes things

Things changed in a hurry on that particular Monday morning because I just happened to open a sale catalog and begin reading the advertisements. Within minutes I was laughing so hard that tears were running down my cheeks.

What was I reading? Nothing naughty or malicious, but simply a holiday sale catalog displaying a two-page ad for tee-shirts.

Now, these were not your usual tee-shirts, but colorful tee-shirts with attitude. The attitude was boldly printed across the front of each shirt with a catchy phrase. For some reason, the words and phrases just tripped my trigger and I begin to laugh so loud that it upset my little house dog, Tootie. She was barking so loudly that I had to scoot her out the front door.

I guess my dog hadn’t heard me laugh like that in quite a while. It surprised her and actually it surprised me, too. And the best part was that it felt good to laugh. Maybe the old saying is true, “A laugh a day keeps the doctor away.” Hm?

Anyway, as I read through all of the tee-shirts, a few attitude sayings were so priceless that I want to share them with you. Hopefully, they inspire you like they did me. Here goes.

Attitude sayings

The first one that caught my attention expressed the communication conflicts between my hubby and me. It stated: “I can EXPLAIN it to you, but I can’t UNDERSTAND it for you!” This little attitude phrase clearly related my quandary at times when I am trying to understand his directions. At moments like this, I usually turn to our son and ask him to fill in the blanks for me. Hey, “Fill in the blanks for me” might be a good phrase on a tee-shirt. Right?

The next shirt that I really loved was: “Admit it… Life would be so boring without me.” I think I will purchase this one for my dearly beloved for Christmas. Yes!

Shirt number three could be a gift for a man or a woman. It stated: “Let’s Assume I’m Right. It’ll save time.” I think I will buy matching shirts for us.

I would love shirt number four. It said: “I’ve Had My Coffee. You May Speak.” I definitely need at least two cups of coffee before I am half way civil in the morning. This one’s for me. No doubt about it.

Shirt number five brought down the house. I shared this one with my hubby and he even had to laugh. It stated: “Old Age is like Underwear…It creeps up on You.” Hubby changed the last part of the phrase a little and then we both hooted loudly. Oh, my. Use your imagination, folks.


I could continue with more of the thirty-eight laughable attitude phrases but I think you get my point. Laughter is good medicine for all of us.

Please take the time during this busy harvest season to enjoy a little laughter. A good joke, a funny phrase, a cute harmless prank makes life a little easier for everyone.

I must include one more tee-shirt phrase. It cleverly stated: “PRAYER: The world’s greatest wireless connection.” Remember you can pray for laughter, too.

Have a safe harvest.

Jane Green and her husband, Jim, live near Clark. Contact Jane for some public speaking, to order one of her books, or to register your comments. Email her at