Can ag help with world’s crises?

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I heard U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack talk about solving the Middle East problem and, especially, the refugee problem that has gained colossal seriousness and has become a world problem. Vilsack is a very learned personality and approaches his job with the utmost common sense and appears very wise in looking at the future.

Vilsack said the answer to this horrendous suffering is agriculture. Perhaps he is correct. The suffering of the millions of poor refugees stems mainly from the lack of food and the inability for these poor countries to produce their own food. Just think of the amount of new jobs would be created if these countries could produce their own food. But strife and wars prevents any action at all of the kind to relieve the terrible food shortages.

One would think that these warring facets would finally tire of all of this terrible conflict and seek some way for peace and stopping the slaughter of innocent people who are really captured in the middle of horrific armies bent on destroying the other army.

Public radio had a Middle East correspondent on the other day. He was asked if there is any ending or answer to the serious war and refugee problem. He thought for a moment and finally offered that there was no answer and things would only get worse. He further stated that there are so many warring factions and groups that no one can ever satisfy every group and conflict will continue for a very long time. He also said this conflict is so very, very complicated. How sad if this person is correct.

If truth be known, the entire problem begins with these starving masses, and it is shameful that we here in America are so very blessed with such an abundance of just about everything with the main abundance being food.

Now, if we can just transfer this amazing ability to produce food for the American table to those poor souls in the Middle East, it would be a huge move toward a peaceful solution to an impossible situation.

In the Middle East conflicts, over a million people have died. There are over 10 million refugees hovering in camps with no place to go, relying on handouts just to survive. What a tremendous tragedy that is. One only has to realize the deprivation of these poor innocent souls who only wanted to just live peaceful lives and now find themselves without even a country or town to live in. What a shameful development. Not too much upheaval from the masses when you are hungry and thirsty and no guarantee you will ever get fed.

And, what about sanitation and the normal body functions of everyday life. That just staggers the imagination. How can those offering humanitarian assistance to these masses cope with such a serious dilemma?

This refugee dilemma has caused undue conflict in the nations who willingly offered homes for these hapless folks. Germany especially has suffered backlash against German chancellor Angela Merkel for being so generous with her offer of accepting a myriad of homeless folks fleeing the killing in their countries.

So, war goes on and, as the King of Jordan said, whether we agree or not, we are facing World War III.

Nuff said.

Gerald “Jerry” Krueger is a retired educator, coach, commercial pilot and farmer.